April 08, 2011

-Fring- Free Services Video Calls by Group

  The most enjoyable way to communicate with friends is by face to face. Seeing the other person's facial expression when we are told is a value that is not replaceable. When the distance is a problem, various technologies have been present to provide solutions. One of them via video call. This feature can be easily used through a computer or smartphone. Unfortunately, when the user wants to communicate with more than one friend, they must return to the chat room, discussion forums, or by telephone.

  Fring, a smartphone application that presents a free chat service, bringing feature Group Video Calls. Through this feature users can make video calls with three other friends via their smartphone, either by using wi-fi connection or 3G. Although limiting the participants to video call as many as four people, this feature can be used as an alternative to communicating with friends and family outside the city or abroad.

  Feature Group Video Calls are still under development. In his blog, the Fring application developers invite users of iPhone and Android to try and provide feedback on the use of this service. Who are interested can fill out forms available online and will send the Fring service in Beta Group Video Calls.

URL: http://loserba.blogspot.com/2011/04/fring-free-services-video-calls-by.html

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