April 11, 2011

RLX: Backpacks with Solar Panel Technology

  Solar power technology has presented an alternative battery charging in a variety of mobile devices. For example, a battery charger that is packaged in a form that is easy to carry and can charge the battery when the user is outside the room. Brand leading design, Ralph Lauren, bringing this technology into their latest bag product that is named RLX Solar Panel Backpack.

  As the name suggests, the RLX bag attached to a row of solar panels that can absorb sunlight and store electricity generated into a battery unit. This bag can yield up to 3.45 watts of power which unfortunately can not be used to charge the laptop user. However, at least this bag to give a little time to live more for small electronic devices such as mobile phones and multimedia content rotator.

  Add to the attraction of this backpack, RLX is made of waterproof material. That way, this bag is perfect to use when users are traveling far. When the sun shines bright, RLX bag can store power to give breath of life on a portable device users. When it rains, the user need not worry any portable device in her bag will be wet and damaged. With every feature is presented, coupled with the brand name of Ralph Lauren, RLX bag of course the high priced, at U.S. $ 795.

URL: http://loserba.blogspot.com/2011/04/rlx-backpacks-with-solar-panel.html

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