April 17, 2011

Sony HX Series, Combining DSLR Image Quality and Full HD Video Capture

  Over the years, camera has become an important part in capturing the events in our lives. Until now, there are various of evolution and development undertaken by each camera manufacturer. Data storage method that evolved from the film roll into the memory card, increasing the features available in a single camera, a more compact size, until the resolution of images is increasing. For those who have the budget just barely possible to think many times about what type of camera that best fit their purchases, in terms of features and price.

  DSLR cameras are priced the cheapest price US$400, certainly has the best picture than any other camera and have the ability to change lenses in accordance with user needs. Although some digital SLR camera, which are high priced, has been to bring HD video recording feature, but its body is extra large and heavy, no customer support in terms of practicality. Meanwhile, a pocket digital camera priced at a relatively low-cost, practicality of use with a system offering point-and-shoot and is suitable for those who do not want to carry around a special bag to store the camera and lens collection on the go. Although there are many features offered by this type of camera, but nothing special about the captured images and video.

  On January 31, 2011, Sony released two camera that offer the practicality of use, compact size, high image resolution, Full HD video recording capability, and various other features that are definitely irresistible to lovers camera point-and-shoot. HX100V and HX9V become the latest part in the Cyber​​-Shot camera range. This camera can produce images sized 16.2-megapixel and video recording capability Full HD (1080p) capable of recording every event in high speed without sacrificing fine and crisp picture quality.

  Cyber​​-Shot Camera HX series is Sony's first compact camera that uses Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonar 27mm with 30x optical zoom (on HX100V) 24mm Sony G Lens with 16x optical zoom (on HX9V). Additionally, both cameras have a "Exmor R"back-illuminated CMOS sensor in it, which produces "High Resolution Panorama Intelligent Sweep Mode". Only by pressing the shutter button while moving camera from one side of the object into other side, both camera are capable of taking 42.9 megapixel images with a resolution of 10,480 x 4096. The result of this picture can be seen from camera Xtra Fine LCD screen size is 3 "with a wide viewing angle.

  Taking the features that are available on the Handycam camcorder lineup, the HX series camera features the Dual Record Mode that offers the ability to take digital photographs measuring 3 megapixels while recording video. To facilitate the consumers, both cameras provide a dedicated still image capture button and a dedicated movie button. In addition, the ability with Active Mode Optical SteadyShot image stabilization helps users reduce the image blur.

Another feature that should be highlighted from both cameras is the presence of function GPS / Compass is ideal for those who are on vacation or traveling. This function stores the data location and direction of the camera shots, and allows users to enjoy the results in the form of a map / maps online on any PC that has an Internet connection.

With various features above, can be seen that the camera HX series is the right choice for users who want a near-photo quality image quality digital SLR camera, Full HD video recording capabilities, as well as a compact body shape and how to use easy. Camera DSC-HX100V be priced at $450, while the DSC-HX9V be priced at $350, and both will be available in black.

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