April 11, 2011

AMD Sending Llano to OEM Partners

  Long waits on the APU 'Series-A' from AMD seems to be right over! Yeah, AMD has just announced that they had sent APU Series-A, or known by the code Llano, to their OEM partners. That's what made ​​Phil Hughes, Senior PR Manager of AMD, in a post it on AMD's Blogs.

 In addition to announcing delivery APU 'Series-A', Hughes stated that the products are use the APU is expected to start popping up in the second quarter of 2011. Unfortunately, Hughes did not provide details on APU Series-A that have been sent to these OEMs. However, based on the roadmap are was mentioned some time ago, it seemed APU Series-A to the mobile platform it is Who has sent AMD to OEMs. If so, it looks like we will see many new notebooks are equipped with APU Llano at the Computex event 2011, the beginning of June 2011.

  APU Series-A, with the 'nickname' Llano, APU Fusion series is the third in 2011 AMD introduced this. Earlier, at the beginning of this year, AMD introduced the APU-C Series (Ontario) and the Series-E (Zacate) are currently widely used in notebooks, netbooks, and HTPC platforms from different manufacturers. Certainly, we hope to soon try ability APU Series-A which would provide higher performance from both the APU are was released in early 2011 this.

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