April 24, 2011

God of War 4


  Kratos, the demigod of cruel bald remarkable is likely to be present again rocked the world of Playstation 3. After the success of God of War franchise on the market, fictional character from Greek mythology it was a "merchandise" Sony that sells. Look at how the presence of God of War 3 helps Sony to increase the level of sales of the Playstation 3 is almost always subject to the competitors. Now turn to God of War 4 September 2012 is ready to shake the future.

  Information that will make gamers scream of delight itself was first released by Playstation Magazine. The magazine claimed that they managed to pry these secrets from one of the team that is developing the game. If this is true, then it means one of SCE Santa Monica who leaked it. Hopefully at E3 event in June, there is little certainty whether this information is just a rumor or fact.

  Only one thing is enough to make me confused about the information on this God of War 4, the plot which would be presented later. For those of you who never played a GOW 3 will understand. Kratos himself had to achieve the goals he wanted, to kill Zeus. During the trip he had to take all that he met the Greek gods (except Aprhodite), destroy the monster they made​​, eliminate the Titans, and make the world fall under conditions that do not vary with the apocalypse. Then plot like what else would be presented? If you want to discuss the prequel of God War 1, PSP game has done it.

  The gamer would really hope there is more information about this news. Few objections and confirmation will be much better than the rumors that do not get any response. But from my heart of hearts, we all want this. Hail Kratos!

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