April 17, 2011

'Kratos' Brutal Perform in Mortal Kombat


  The Resurrection Mortal Kombat, 'fighting game' who dared to bring abuse into most extreme level, was feels close. Franchise which will be released for consoles Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 is promising many new features and actions are more brutal. Combined with quality graphics and detail are much better, who can refuse this phenomenal game? Especially for you who are planning to play this latest Mortal Kombat on Playstation 3 because Kratos is ready to destroy anyone in the arena of battle!

  Kratos, the protagonist of the big game God of War, was is almost certain to be involved in this newest Mortal Kombat game. Kratos will be present as an exclusive character of the Playstation 3 and will bring style of fighting which is not much different from the version of his God of War. Bald-headed demigod is still maintaining a dual blade as the main weapon for fighting, a combination of buttons to bring up a specific action, and various equipment that became his trademark. All movements will produce blood running from your opponent's body. Kratos is violence and gore!

  Playstation 3 is really lucky to have a multifunctional character like Kratos. These super-masculine character was suitable to enter into any fighting game and it is possible to be exploited for this genre. Which still a big question is what would be obtained by gamers XBOX 360? Is there a character exclusive to them? Is Marcus Fenix ​​of Gears of Wars or Master Chief from Halo?

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