April 17, 2011

'AMD' Comparing Llano with Sandy Bridge

  Recently, AMD upload an interesting video into YouTube. The video contains the results of the comparison among series processors 'AMD Llano' which will soon be launched with Sandy Bridge processors. Llano processor that is used is AMD A8-3510MX series with four of that number of cores. While the family of Sandy Bridge, AMD compares its product with the Core i7 series 2630QM with a speed of 2 GHz. According to some sources, AMD A8-3510MX has a clock speed of 1.8 GHz.

  Comparisons are made ​​by AMD include a benchmark graphics card, that is 'Final Fantasy 14', calculations on a spreadsheet, video playback, and 3D Modelling. Surprisingly enough, A8-3510 MX lead in all the test. In addition to the lead on speed, power consumption AMD Llano was also smaller than Sandy Bridge during full load.

'AMD Llano' still using the same architecture with the Phenom II, minus L3 cache, with 32 nm manufacturing process added HD 6620 graphics. According to these data, whether Llano is 'Athlon II' 32 nm that have been modified and supplemented by AMD's graphics? We'll see! Surely, the results of other benchmarks will present even more during we have to get this processor. Let's hope AMD does not hold the release of this product.

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