April 09, 2011

Master Overclocking Arena 2011: World Records Will Be Broken in Istanbul!

The Most Famous Overclocking Event now arrives in Turkey!

  On April 15th and 16th, 16 teams of overclocker masters from all around the EMEA region will compete to become the champion of the EMEA region during the most exciting event of 2011!
  The MSI Master Overclocking Arena (MOA) is considered to be the one of the most prestigious competitions, where overclockers from all around the world bring their best to be the best.

  The purpose of the competition is to increase the speed of CPU and graphics card to record-breaking levels and to showcase the dominance of the PC platform.  Over the years, MOA has been the place where world performance records are shattered as masters utilize the -196C LN2 to keep components running cool during extreme pushes.  MSI’s Military Class mainboards and graphics card will be used to aid in withstanding the harsh physical conditions exposed by the overclockers and their quest for glory.

  While the technical aspects of MOA attract hardware enthusiasts, MSI MOA catches the eyes with its various interesting themes: In 2008, visitors were transported to a Roman Arena; 2009 introduced the IT Olympics; 2010 integrated pop culture with Star Wars; 2011 saw MSI’s Military Class components being elevated thorough a Military Operation concept.  The show can appeal to any type of user and provides a new way to enjoy the high level of competition through overclocking.

Performance, Sound, Vision: Big Bang Marshal (B3)
  The choice of hardware to be used in this year’s competition is the dream choice for enthusiasts. Supporting 8 graphics cards with 8 PCI Express 16x slots, excellent sound quality by a Creative X-Fi MB2 Tech, and boosting CPU performance with 24 phase DrMOS, the MSI Big Bang Marshal (B3) is one of the best examples of MSI’s performance, sound, vision motto. MSI Big Bang Marshal (B3) is equipped with MSI’s Military Class II components to provide overclockers the highest quality and most stable platform that will endure the hard conditions of the two day competition.

Get Ready For A World Record in N580 GTX Lightning Performance

  In terms of VGA performance, many professionals are expecting the 580GTX Lightning to bring another world record to follow last year’s.  MSI N580 GTX Lightning comes with Power4 Architecture: including a 2X phase PWM design, Independent memory power, the best MOSFET – CopperMOS, and next generation capacitor – Proadlizer.
  MSI’s Afterburner software, the preferred VGA OC tool of almost every overclocker plays a major part in producing these records with GPU, memory and PLL triple overvoltage functionality.
  As MSI’s new graphics cards are announced along with a new version of MSI Afterburner, it is almost certain that the world will witness another world record in graphics performance. For updates about MSI Master Overclocking Arena please refer to: http://www.msi-moa.com/EMEA-2011/

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