April 15, 2011

Nyko Power Pak+ : Extend Nintendo 3DS Battery Life

  "What use having portable gaming console can be used if only a short time due to battery problems?", that's what probably started to be questioned by the users of the Nintendo 3DS, 3DS So far is famous for a bad battery endurance. Some media reported on battery power portable gaming console can only be used for four hours in a single charge. This time is too short, especially if you're playing RPG games. This problem actually occurs in many portable devices, including smartphones and multimedia player. Game console accessories manufacturer Nyko Power Pak+ bring extra batteries specifically for the Nintendo 3DS.

  Nyko Power Pak+ is Polymer Lithium Ion battery designed specifically for the Nintendo 3DS. Additional battery is claimed to extend the use of portable game consoles. Nyko Power Pak+ using the AC Adapter Nintendo 3DS. Thus, users do not need to carry extra cables while traveling.

  To installation, users simply remove the back cover and connecting the Nintendo 3DS Nyko Power Pak+ with using screws. Users do not need to bother to buy a special screwdriver to do the installation because the Nyko provide it in the package. Although the use of this extra battery also adds thickness Nintendo 3DS, Nyko Power Pak+ uses special materials on the surface of the specifically designed to ensure comfortable use when playing.

  Nyko Power Pak+ sold for U.S. $ 19.99. With accessories like this, Nintendo 3DS players do not have to worry about the game is delayed because the battery is discharged in quick time.

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