May 24, 2011

NVIDIA Optimus Review : Life Be More Easily


What is this technology? Is NVIDIA managed to obtain technology from the Transformers? Haha, of course it is only imaginary. However, NVIDIA has to offer with Optimus technology is indeed like a dream notebook users.

In short, with Optimus, notebook users do not need to bother when I had to choose: a notebook with fast graphics system but poor battery endurance, or a notebook with integrated graphics system (the famous are less able to play heavy graphic content) but with good battery life.

Why would NVIDIA need to bother to create this technology? The answer is because need for this technology is very high. The main cause is due to the high number of notebook users today. According to Gartner, the growth of notebooks have surpassed desktops, ranging from 2009.Tren this year will only be increasing in the future.

Requirements : Battery life and performance

Notebook computers are portable and can be used without the need to search your electric outlet. Both these important points to note. For portability, the notebook should be quite mild. To be able to work anywhere, the notebook should have a good battery life. Power adapter is one of the extra burden when you carry the notebook. So, a good notebook should be able to carry without requiring a power adapter. This means the battery resistance should be very good.

Performance is a critical requirement. Failure to satisfy netbook users in its first year attendance is proof positive. Netbooks do not have enough performance to run many applications that are important. In fact, running a YouTube video with HD resolution of course, been very hard done by netbooks. In the end, the trend again turned to a more powerful notebook.

So far, notebook with additional graphics system (discrete graphics) are always faced with a problem. The battery resistance is generally bad. This is because notebooks have to supply extra power to the graphics system (VGA) that powerful. In fact, the graphics system is not always working at maximum capacity. Thus, power supplied to the graphics system tends to be wasted.

Meanwhile, a notebook with integrated graphics system (such as Intel HD Intel 4500MHD or graphics on i3, i5, and i7) has a tendency durable good battery. However, this system has a graphics capability that is sometimes inadequate. For example, to play 3D games, integrated graphics system is generally difficult to run smoothly. At the time of playback HD movies (especially Full HD 1080p MKV format), integrated graphics system will be quite overwhelmed. It is not capable, but all systems would work hard until the system response becomes impaired just because running the full HD movie. Want to try to convert some movies while playing a 1080p Full HD movies? This system is certainly not the right choice for these needs.

Switchable Graphics: the right solution?

Looking at the above conditions, you may think, "why not make a notebook that has two graphics systems and allow users to choose the graphics system which is needed?"This is done several notebook vendors. Notebooks with Intel Core i3/i5/i7 who have integrated graphics system combined with discrete graphics system. Users are free to choose the graphics system where needed.

The problem is, there are still many users who do not know how to do the switching between two graphics systems. For those who know how, there are still problems with human negligence that often forget to do the switching. Suddenly, the notebook was running out of battery in the middle of a presentation, as users forgetperform switch to integrated graphics system more efficient power.

Another problem that arises is the method of switching itself. In the early stages, the switching method still requires the user to restart the notebook. While the last method, although the notebook does not need to be restarted, users are still faced with the problem when there are few applications that are "holding" the graphics system to refrain from switching ( eg,browser ). This makes you have to turn off the application first, can do the switching.


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