April 11, 2011

Archos 101 Internet Tablet

  Even though such tablets in general, "Archos 101" targeting different market segments as an area of play. Archos is known as a brand that often release products PMP or portable media player that good quality. But this time Archos does not produce such products usually by presenting Tablet based multimedia devices.

  Not only launch products based on a popular operating system (Android), but they also release a tablet that uses Windows, the Archos 101 Internet tablet. This product is one of a series of artificial Archos tablet that uses Android.

  Our first impression of this tablet is fixed on the physical form that slim and lightweight. In our opinion, this is the lightest tablet ever present in our review.

  Dimensions is unique because "Archos 101" using the big screen (widescreen) that is focused to meet the needs of multimedia. Uniquely, this the tablet has a buffer in the back of the body so that when positioned standing, these devices become more like a picture frame. This design is intended to maximize the user experience, for example when watching a video.

 Wide screen has a resolution of 1024x600 with capacitive-type 10.1-inch scale. As the types of capacitive screens, response and accuracy of the screen "Archos 101" of touch is good. Sometimes happens delay (lag) when we touch the screen to access a particular command. It still added perspective and reflections that interfere with the display. Therefore, these the tablet must be positioned correctly to be used comfortably.

  Behind the slim body, Archos 101 strengthened ARM Cortex A8 processor with speed 1 GHz. As is generally the processor type, the performance was enough to run a variety of applications. This processor is combined with the PowerVR SGX 530 as a driving force in terms of graphics. However, for some reason on the test, we found the performance of graphics card is fairly low. And for the size of a PowerVR SGX530, this device should be able to give much better performance.

  We simply deplore its RAM memory capacity of only 256 MB. The number of these including the "just barely" especially when many applications that running in the background. To overcome the system so as not to slow down, we outsmart by installing Task Killer applications. By turning off applications that are not used, the overall performance of the tablet fixed maximum. While 512 MB of available RAM as internal memory that can be used the user to install the application.

  Interestingly, the Archos 101 has a USB port that can recognize the external storage such as flash disks and external hard drive. Our experiments of the USB port is running smoothly, the tablet is able to identify with both flash disk and through its file manager, so that the contents of the flash disk can be read.

  As a multimedia tablet, Archos 101 also not problematic when asked to deliver high-definition content to standard 720p. However, for Full-HD 1080p format, this the tablet rejected by issuing an error message that the resolution is too big.

Testing Results

  As a tablet "Entertainment Your Way", Archos 101 is unique. The design is slim with foot buffer makes it different from other tablet. In general, the performance of tablet is quite good, except for graphics performance. Even so, Archos 101 can still be used for enjoying multimedia content.

 Froyo Android OS combination with fast processors make the overall performance of Archos 101 is good enough. Unfortunately, on the graphics test, performance is somewhat less good.

Axioo Picopad
Archos 101
Quadrant Advanced Total
Quadrant Advanced CPU
Quadrant Advanced 3D
Neocore Benchmark
34.8 fps
1.6 fps

Spesifications Archos 101 Internet Tablet

ARM Cortex A8 1 GHz
256 MB
Graphic Card
PowerVR SGX 530
Internal Storage
512 MB
WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth
USB Port, Mini HDMI
10,1” 1024x600 piksel
530 gram
1 Tahun
Situs Web
Extimation Price*
US$ 400

Concept Two Technology, Feb 2011

Foot Standing
Archos 101 has a foot stand to make it more delicious when used to view video.

A series of ports and buttons on the Archos. Note the presence of a USB port.

Archos 101 iPad rival in terms of thickness. But in terms of weight, Archos lighter.

(+) : Unique Design, there is USB port.

(-)  : Performance v less graphic.

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