April 10, 2011

Axioo Pico Pad, "Taste of Indonesia"

  Axioo Picopad of trying to appear more condensed by pinning one of the distinctive culture of Indonesia into a tablet. What is Indonesian culture that may be incorporated into the tablet?

  Indonesia has many cultures, "Batik" is selected Axioo as a sweetener to give the impression that this tablet "Really Indonesian". Batik Various shades ranging from traditional to modern is set in a digital format that you can use as a front screen wallpaper (homescreen).

  Then we tried one of these Batik wallpaper for display on the homescreen. The results were very harmonious in Picopad screen that has a resolution of 800x480 pixels. With a resolution of it, browsing activities on the internet or reading email is not constrained.

  Physically, display size is 7 inches. In our opinion, the size of it feels right. This makes the overall physical size is ideal. All sides Picopad no plain, because each side has various support tool functionality. On the top you can find the SIM card slot and micro SD / SDHC, and volume buttons. While on the bottom side there is a mic, jack 3.5 mm, mini-USB port and a small button to reset.

  A pair of stereo speakers located on the right and the left (near the Power button) from Picopad. In addition, four main function buttons on the right side in the way the touch screen. Picopad also have two cameras, the main camera of 3MP was behind and another one is in front of VGA camera for video calls.

  Using Froyo (Android 2.2), Picopad running smoothly despite only using the Qualcomm MSM 7227 600 MHz speed. This is quite relief because previously we had was skeptical given another tablet mostly use Qualcomm's Snapdragon with a speed of 1 GHz. Nevertheless MSM 7227 performance here is good enough and during the testing proved to still be able to serve Picopad.

  Picopad have 512 MB ​​of RAM memory. The amount of this size has become a standard tablet of the present to keep the tablets do not slow down as many applications running in the background.

  Picopad have 512 MB ​​of internal storage, but unfortunately the capacity available to users only 172 MB. The amount is very small considering Android users are usually happy to install a variety of interesting applications. But luckily there was support for moving applications to an SD memory card. So applications that already support App2Sd can be moved to the SD Card and do not meet the internal memory.

  I have mentioned above that Picopad have SIM card slots adjacent micro SD slot. This is because Picopad have cellular function that can be used like a cell phone. So no need to worry if you are in a place without Wi-Fi signal. Use only HSDPA data access from the operator.

  Because of shape's factor, the activities of telephone calls should use the handfree / headset. Stereo speakers capable of loud. Mic is also sensitive, so to speak by putting them in the table do not hinder talks.

  Testing Results

  Generally, performance of Axioo Picopad very good. We did not experience significant problems during testing. But one thing we noticed was this device small hassle when faced with applications that demand high graphics performance.

  Although both use Froyo and screen resolution of 800x480, Nexus with a faster processor pulled away Picopad on test performance. But strangely, in the 3D benchmark Neocore, Picopad successfully perform better than Google's handset output is official.

Axioo Picopad
Google Nexus One
Quadrant Advanced Total
Quadrant Advanced CPU
Quadrant Advanced 3D
Neocore Benchmark
34.8 fps
28.5 fps

Spesifications Axioo  Picopad
Qualcomm MSM 7227 600Mhz
512 MB
Graphic Card
Adreno 200
Internal Storage
512 MB (172 MB tersedia)
802.11b/g WLAN, Bluetooth, A-GPS
Slot SIM card, Kamera
7” 800x480 piksel
328 gram
1 Tahun
Estimation Price
Rp 4,599,000 (US$460)

Dual Slot
Twin slot is SIM Card slot and Micro SD / SDHC

Reset Button
Picopad emergency button to return to the initial settings

The navigation key is  touch button.

(+) : Compact design, functionality, include a leather case.

(-) : Not able to handle graphics work v complex, small internal storage.

URL: http://loserba.blogspot.com/2011/04/axioo-pico-pad-taste-of-indonesia.html

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