April 16, 2011

Rumour: Nintendo Wii HD Will Launched

  The appearance of 'Xbox Kinect' and 'PlayStation Move' slowly and surely drowned Nintendo Wii console. With a declining level of sales at the end of last year, allegedly Nintendo Wii console will lower prices to boost sales again. However, whether with price reduction alone is enough to raise the popularity of this console manufacturer?

  Viewed from graphics and video game variations offered, Wii is clearly losing competitiveness with XBOX 360 and PS3. Therefore, the release of new consoles may be the best answer to bring them back into the game console competition with motion control. Rumour about the decline in the price of Wii has not proven the truth and now rumors of a new, more spectacular. Nintendo's Wii console was allegedly going to announce the latest in 'E3 event' in the middle of this year!

  The advantage from this second-generation Wii console is the ability to play video games with HD resolution. Although not known graphics power offered to beat Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 or not, this console will certainly offer a competitive specification. With the ability to play HD-resolution video games, the kind of game that will present the latest Wii console will be more varied. In addition, there is a chance Nintendo will plunge into the world of online gaming with this console.

  The presence of new Wii console by Nintendo is urgently needed today. If this new console was released, it is not just Nintendo who will be happy. However, the game developers, like Ubisoft, will also feel happy. What about you? Are you also looking forward to the latest Nintendo console?

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