April 21, 2011

MSI CX640 and CR640 with Intel i3

MSI CX640 Silver, Black MSI CR640

  'Intel chipset 6-series' previous experience bugs that make the notebook manufacturers have pulled their products ready for sale. However, at this time, improvements have been done by the chipset revision B3 and various armed notebook Intel Sandy Bridge that began to fill the markets that were previously empty. As performed notebook manufacturer MSI is also directly issuing new series, one of which MSI CX640 series and CR640. Both these new series will fill a class aimed at middle class who need a large screen with a power processor that is reliable enough to work and play.
  MSI CX640 and CR640 will use an Intel Core I3 2310M as a source of energy which is supported with 4 GB of DDR3 memory. What distinguishes MSI CX640 and CR640? Later, MSI CX640 will use GT 520M NVIDIA GeForce graphics technology with Optimus, whereas CR640 MSI will use the Intel GMA 3000HD graphics. For data storage capacity, will both notebooks will be attached to the hard disk of 500 GB. Other Fittings quite charming is the 2 port USB3.0 that will make data transfer from or to a notebook to an external media USB3, 0 is rapid. The dimensions of both the notebook is quite sizable due to the use of screen at 15.6 ". 

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