April 12, 2011

LG Ready to Market 'Smart TV'

  LG Electronics today unveiled several new products that fall into three lines of business units, namely Home Entertainment, Home Appliances and Air Conditioner. After launching the 3D Cinema latest TV, LG also introduced the latest TV Smart. What are the advantages of the product? Let's look at his review below. 

  'Smart TV' from LG has been equipped with features Smart Share. By using these features, you can stream content wirelessly via a compatible device for display on a television screen. You can also move content directly from your PC and perform metadata access simultaneously to the movie they were watching. 

  'LG Smart TV' also features a sophisticated remote-named "Magic Motion Remote Control '. To access the service on TV, you only need to direct it to the Smart TV remote. Then, you can simply move the remote to operate the existing pointer. When you try this device, Jagat Review felt like he was operating the Wii. 

  Besides some advantages at the top, 'Smart TV' from LG has also been filled by some local content, such as news services, forums, and much more. 

  Unfortunately, the LG still has not revealed the price of this product. Given the not so many local providers that can provide these services, seems this product would not be developed in Indonesia in the near future. 

  The popularity of 'smart TV' continue to rise. Besides can be used for watching TV, this device you can use to access the Internet. The content suppliers also have to optimize the ability of these products to make a movie rental service via the virtual world. You just choose a movie that interests you, pay it, then enjoy the content by way of direct streaming from the internet. Very Practical, is not it?

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