April 14, 2011

Resident Evil : Operation Raccoon City

   'Resident Evil' was born again in the new format. This game is trying to meet the expectations of gamers who are hungry for breakthrough from Capcom. After sharp criticism posted to 'Resident Evil 5' is considered to have lost identity as a survival-horror game, Capcom invited Slant Six - SOCOM developer for a project that is expected to revive this franchise. Thus was born what we know as the 'Resident Evil : Operation Raccoon City'.

  For those which have never heard his name, 'Operation Raccoon City' is a 'Resident Evil' which very different than the series of this game before. This game will feature gameplay which focuses on team-based gameplay. Not only that, you also will act as the Umbrella Security Service which became the main enemy in this game since the birth of the first Resident Evil. By taking this perspective, of course Operation Raccoon City will provide which much different game experience. Setting and the plot itself will focus on the Resident Evil 2 and 3. It's just your mission is now more "simple". As people Umbrella, you'll not only kill the zombies, but also all the survivors which exist, including the military and may be 'Leon' or 'Claire Redfield' inside.

  You can imagine the gameplay similar to Left 4 Dead to get some idea about this series, the difference is only specialized skills of each member. You can choose one of four team members: Vector with stealth capabilities and the mimics Recon, Bertha a medic which has the adrenaline shots to restore itself, serves as demoliton Beltway man with explosives which can make the enemy quit or die, and which last Specter as surveillance expert which can gather information quickly through infrared binoculars.

  The variation of enemies that you facing are various from police ranks which lived up to which creepy Umbrella experiment. Therefore, this game promises dynamic game experience. Especially if combined with which good multiplayer element, Operation Raccoon City but not impossible would be a milestone in the rise of Capcom in the eyes of gamers. Graphics quality did not disappoint, you can see it in this some new screenshots :

  It's time the most important question: when you are going to play it? Capcom's promised this year, in the coming winter. Anyone will be able to play it? Fortunately, Capcom plans to release Operation Raccoon City is multiplatform, so you that have XBOX 360 and PS3 consoles, or PC gamers can play it. I also really impatiently to play this game. When do you have the chance to become the antagonist in a major franchise?

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