April 11, 2011

First Appearance AMD Llano

  Cant wait for the presence of AMD Llano? AMD Llano (often incorrectly referred to people being "Liano") is a new generation from AMD processors are still using the technology from Deneb. If you do not already know, a few days ago AMD started sending this one processor to their OEM partners.

  If sent to their OEM partners, certainly this processor will be unable to viewed by consumers for the months ahead. Some time ago, Zol.com.cn was able to take a picture from AMD Llano. In fact, they also have detected these processors through a CPU-Z.

  Actually, there is something quite odd. AMD had said that they would remove from ranks of the processor 3DNow instructions. Apparently, the CPU-Z still detect the presence of this instruction. Certainly, it could just be because the CPU-Z are used not support this processor in full.

All of images can be seen on the website gallery from Zol.com.cn.

URL: http://loserba.blogspot.com/2011/04/first-appearance-amd-llano.html

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