April 22, 2011

Apple Support Communities: Sharing Information with Apple Users Worldwide

  Apple Inc. launch new ways for their customers to share opinions, information, and complaints about Apple products. Apple Support Communities is an open discussion forum for users of Apple products are more and more in number, especially since the emergence of the iPhone and iPad. Users only need to write any questions or concerns to be conveyed in this forum. When the answer is already available, Apple will send notification to users via email.

  One of the biggest weaknesses from forum discussion was the question posed is not necessarily getting the right response. In other words, questions that are written by users not necessarily be answered with relevant information from other users. Apple Inc. trying to answer this problem by creating a scoring system on the Apple Support Communities. Each user will be given a score according to the relevance of the information shared in the forum. This system can provide guidance for other users on the credibility of an information scattered in the forum.

  Just as the discussion forum in general, Apple Support Communities allows its users to interact with each other without restriction sites. Sharing information on Apple products, like iTunes synchronization process is sometimes confusing or IPAD applications, can be performed by users from around the world.

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