April 12, 2011

'Symbian Anna' Officially Launched

  Today, Nokia officially launched 'Symbian Anna'. Symbian Anna is the latest update from Nokia's mobile operating system. Along with this launch, Nokia also introduced two new devices that have supported operating system. Both devices are Nokia E6 and X7.

Nokia X7, one of the first devices using Symbian Anna.

  Nokia and Microsoft some time ago announced a partnership. From the results such cooperation, Nokia decided to use Microsoft's mobile operating system, Windows Phone, in some devices. It did not make the Nokia forget Symbian, as evidenced by the launch of Symbian Anna.

  Symbian Anna comes with several new features. Later, you'll see a lot of new icons in this operating system. Nokia also ensures rapid and easy browsing through the device that have been equipped Symbian Anna. In addition, Nokia adds features a virtual QWERTY keyboard in a position or portrait orientation.

  Nokia is also updating the map service belongs to them, namely OVI Maps. The service is claimed to be present more simple. In addition, Nokia adds the Quick Search feature and public transportation routes.

  Besides Nokia E6 and X7, Nokia will include this operating system to the N8, E7, C7 and C6-01. Previously, the four devices using the Symbian ^ 3. For those of you who've already bought the products can do a full update Over The Air (OTA).

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