April 28, 2011

Leica i9: Casing and Camera In One Accessories iPhone 4

  Increasing the quality of photos and videos produced by the camera smartphones, such as in iPhone4, already allows users in documenting every important event in his life. However, the most beautiful in the smartphone camera resolution, image quality and the resulting video can not compete with regular digital cameras, both SLR and compact camera. Users have to bother carrying two gadgets (smartphones and digital camera) to get the photos and videos of the maximum.

  Leica, a German camera manufacturer, offers a solution by combining the functions of the camera and case iPhone4 into a single accessory. Accessories i9 named this still a concept, but offers a fairly unique function. The front of the i9 is equipped with a CMOS image sensor and a Leica lens with 12.1 megapixel resolution. This lens has 8x optical zoom capability. Any photos and recorded video is stored on internal flash memory that can be enlarged by i9 additional SD card.

  The back i9 act as case iPhone4. Results generated photos and video can be viewed i9 iPhone4 back on the screen through the application of Leica. With the connectivity offered by iPhone4, users can instantly send you the photos and videos via e-mail, MMS, or social media (Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube). The concept of i9 to iPhone4 accessories will also be equipped with voice activated remote shutter function. This feature will allow users to take photos just by giving voice commands.

  Although eliminating the need for users to carry more than one gadget, it seems i9 add significant thickness on iPhone 4. This may be an issue for users who enjoy using the tight jeans. When using iPhone4, i9 forms create the impression that users make calls using a digital camera. Weird or not in shape, i9 is a concept that is very interesting iPhone 4 accessories. How do you think?

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