April 24, 2011

Future Battery Concepts


  Batteries are rarely receive attention. However, one thing is very important for a gadget or your smartphone. What happens, when you suddenly do not exist in an area known then your battery is going out? What happens, if you do not bring a charger or no outlet at all? Can be ascertained slowly, you will see the device runs out of battery death.

  Based on experience, Hairno Bao, Hailong Piao, Yuancheng Liu, and Xiameng alternati Hu started designing some new batteries. They make a product with exactly the same form with AAA and AA batteries. The difference is, they design a battery that has a USB port on the side!

  Can you charge the battery via the USB port. You can use this product as a normal battery layakanya. You also can fill your gadgets energy, through an available USB port. This concept is quite interesting, but how much power can be supplied from a battery the size of these?

  While this is indeed a lot to offer battery backup that comes with a USB port. However, with the two functions above and predicted prices would not be too high, making it suitable for battery product you buy. After entry into Indonesia, of course.

URL: http://loserba.blogspot.com/2011/04/future-battery-concepts.html

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