April 15, 2011

'Alienware' Prepare 'Notebook' With Display Measuring 14 Inches

  Some time ago, Dell has announced their plans to update the line of Alienware notebooks with second-generation Core processors, Sandy Bridge. Not long ago, Dell has a new plan, that fills a product line that had been empty. Alienware will launch notebooks with screens of 14 inches (M14X).

  Alienware has launched notebook with screens of 11 inches (M11X), 15 inches (M15x), and 17 inches (m17x). For some people, notebooks with screens that are too large or too small. Therefore, Alienware will fill the existing vacuum line with a notebook that has a screen 14 inches. Alienware M14X hope will be a notebook with the right size.

  So far, Alienware known for providing many customization options for enthusiasts. Surely Alienware will apply the same for the M14X. Later enthusiasts can choose between,
  • 250GB up to 750GB HDD with 7200RPM speed.
  • Samsung P810 SSD with a capacity of 256 GB, 2.5 inch, SATA2 or LiteOn / Plextor PX-256M2S SSD, 256GB, 2.5 ", SATA3.
  • 1GB-4GB RAM, DDR3, 1333MHz 2GB and 4GB or DDR3 1600MHz speeds.
  • Intel processor Core i7 i3-2310M to-2820QM.
  • LCD 14-inch Full-HD 1920 × 1080 or 14inci 1366 × 768.

  GT555M 3GB NVIDIA GPU or NVIDIA graphics card other than that not to be named by Alienware.

  Until this story down, Dell is still not willing to provide certainty of price M14X. Dell also still keep the launch date for this notebook. However, if the notebook is already on the market, M14X can be a fitting choice for you gamers. With a size that is not too large and qualified support for the specification, this notebook can be your friend to play games while traveling.

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