April 14, 2011

'Lenovo' Prepare 'Giant' Tablet

  Tablets on the market has screen size of 10.1" or smaller. However, Lenovo is planning to launch a tablet with a screen size twice as large in size, 23". Tablet device has been synonymous with mobility. Compact size with a myriad of features on offer, putting entertainment and work right in the palm of the user, wherever they are. Then, who want to carry around a tablet measuring 23 inches for travel?

  William Cai, senior specialist in marketing for Lenovo, acknowledged that the tablet size 23", it was not designed for mobility. This concept was born from an idea to bring a tablet that can be moved from room to room in the house. That way, users do not need has more than one computer in the house, but to enjoy its use in any room. Users can use these tablets to put on the table or turn them into All-in-One PC.

  'Lenovo' said that the tablet size 23" is not just research. They hope to launch it this year. However, with a large tablet size, battery life and weight become a problem to be solved by Lenovo before the launch. So, whether you are interested to has tablet size 23"?

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