April 08, 2011

Cartridge Re-35: Digital Photography Using Analog Cameras

  In this digital era, the use of analog cameras are still commonly found. Even the photographers and camera collectors analog form his own club. Excess analog cameras located at a lower price than the digital cameras on the market. Variations of design and accessories are also offered a variety of intentions that attract collectors. Besides price and attractive design variations, the resulting image quality can rival the results of digital camera images. Various effects produced by the roll film in digital cameras are not easy to be followed by a digital camera.

  With so many digital cameras in circulation, not surprisingly, the users of analog cameras began to be interested to enter the world of digital photography. For those who do not want or can not leave the camera analogues, RE-35 provides a solution. RE-35 cartridge replaces the role of the roll film with a sensor that saves every photo taken. After use, the contents of the photos in the cartridge can be transferred into the computer through software that is available directly on the device. When connected to a computer, the battery cartridge RE-35 will be filled again. Cartridge RE-35 can be used on any analog 35-mm camera. RE35 provides three options for the resolution of the images: 4, 8, and 12 megapixels.

  Many people still doubt the truth of the cartridge RE-35 because they appear adjacent to the April Fool. Even so, the cartridge RE-35 is a good idea because it gives access to digital photography to users of analog cameras.

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