April 14, 2011

DeepCool N19: Simple with 14" Fan

  If notebook used in a long time, usually the device temperature will rise similar a toaster machine. Three components are always present in the notebook, processor, graphics chip, and hard disks, has always been the biggest contributor to heat. Unfortunately, the cooling system that is included in the recent notebook does not help remove the heat. To resolve this problem, we need an additional cooling system. One of the most frequently used solution is the notebook cooler.

  DeepCool N19, from the design, this notebook cooler has a simple form with the color 'black doff' and air grille made ​​of metal at the top. N19 DeepCool device uses plastics base material that we think strong to support the weight of a notebook with screen size 14 inches. In the middle, you'll find a large fan, that is 14 inches.

  N19 cooling system, consisting of 14-inch fan, will inhale air from below and immediately ejects air into the bottom of notebook. After we tried, a large fan that is able to lower the temperature of the notebook well. The fan in this device is also not noisy.

  Unfortunately, we did not find anti-slip rubber on the top DeepCool N19. You should rely on existing anti-slip rubber on the bottom of notebook. Make sure the rubber remained there for your notebook does not continue to sag.

  In addition to lowering the temperature of the notebook, DeepCool N19 is also able to provide comfort when you use a notebook. DeepCool included angle which is considered appropriate to provide such comfort. Unfortunately, DeepCool only give an angle so that you can not set it as you wish.

  DeepCool N19 is equipped with a port and a USB2.0 cable. Energy source device, derived from the port. Unfortunately, DeepCool N19 is not accompanied by any additional USB ports on the left and right. Cable DeepCool resource N19 can you roll neatly in the spaces provided.


  If you need a notebook cooler to reduce the heat while still able to increase the comfort level of users, you can glance at DeepCool this N19. In addition to its simple and lightweight, fan of the device is not noisy so you do not have to worry about with noise which usual buzz generated by fan size of 14 inches. Unfortunately, this device does not have the optional angle other than those already provided, so you have to adapt to the tilt angle.

  • Solid plastic.
  • Fan which not noisy.
  • No additional USB ports.
  • Has only one angle.
  • No Anti-slip rubber on the top.

URL: http://loserba.blogspot.com/2011/04/deepcool-n19-simple-with-14-fan.html

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