April 30, 2011

Twitter is not permitted in Westminster Abbey

  For those who can directly attend the wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton is a great honor. However, what can make a grand event in 2011 was even more special again for the audience? One word is enough to answer that question, "Tweet"! Can send a tweet about the implementation of this marriage, celebrity guests coming, or just showing off his fortune as one of the guests can enhance the joy that is felt. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do.

  A technology that blocks cell phone signals will be installed at the venue for weddings, Westminster Abbey. This step taken by the members of the royal family to reduce the circulation of images and videos not officially from the guests, a voice ringtone that divert attention, and the spread of information is not important or secret about the wedding. However, it does not mean news and information about this marriage will disappear altogether from the virtual world.

  From social media, online news, to mobile device applications will continue to deliver the latest updates about the wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton. However, what could make this event more entertaining for the audience at home? The comments of satire that can churn the stomach of a group of comedians, such as The chasers. Unfortunately, this was not possible. The chasers, a comedy group from Australia, originally planned to carry out their humorous comments during the conduct of marriages through the channel ABC2. Of course this is not approved by the royal family and eventually canceled.

For all of us who will only enjoy continuing this wedding through a screen television or the Internet, launched a satirical comment and send tweets totally prohibited. Enjoy!

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