April 27, 2011

Best applications (Cydia) for iPad


  Jailbreak allows you to install various applets to enhance the performance of your Apple iPad. We sorted Cydia application most useful for the iPad.



  Activator allows you to program the various movements and buttons to activate applications or functions. You can make the home button and volume buttons to be multifunctional. You also can enable swipe with two, three, or four fingers.


  Apple iPad 2 has a mirroring function, which displays the entire display iPad to external display like a TV. For users iPad 1, the feature is only possible with applications such as DisplayOut.



  While you will be able to watch YouTube using iPad, but the resolution is limited. You can not watch YouTube videos in HD resolution. You also can not save YouTube videos to watch at a later time. All this is possible with MxTube.



  Apple is limiting access to files on the devices are. iFile allows you to access all the folders and files on the iPad. You can even access the hidden files and files on a USB Drive that is connected with the iPad.



  With Infiniboard, you can add as many applications into a single page. If you have many applications, this tweak can really help make the Home more organized look.



  iPad and the iPhone can now make an application in a folder, but its function is still limited. You can only enter the 12 applications in one folder. InfiniFolders remove this restriction so that you can load as many applications in the folder iPad.

with Retinapad


  Many applications such as Facebook and Instagram are not yet available for the iPad. If run on the iPad, the application will have a very poor resolution, only 480 × 320 pixels. In fact, many applications that are compatible with a resolution of 960 × 640 pixels on the retina display. RetinaPad force iPad to display the iPhone application at the highest resolution, making it more comfortable on the eyes.


  SBSettings has many tweaks to maximize the performance of the iPad.


  TVOut2 has the same function as DsiplayOut. The difference, TVOut2 offered free of charge.

Wi-Fi Sync

  Maybe you often experience dilemmas want to sync iPad tablet when it was in-chargeThe problem, to be able to sync means you have to disconnect the cable from thecharger and connect it towith computer . Not anymore. Wi-Fi Sync allows you to syncvia Wi-Fi connectivity.

Theme Winterboard.


  Your iPad already functioning perfectly? The only tweak that remains is to modify the display. Winterboard allows you to do it with hundreds of themes that are compatible.

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