April 16, 2011

Rocksmith: 'Video Game' which Used 'Electric Guitar' As Controller

  Who dont know Guitar Hero, video game that brings rhythm-based fantasy gamers to become a rock star to the next step? With a special controller that resembles the framework of a mini electric guitar and features a colorful button, the game is to successfully hypnotize gamers into the world of music. Unfortunately, Activision has forced the lovers of Guitar Hero to say goodbye to this game franchise. Indeed the title of a video game can easily be drowned, but different case with the genre of video games whose existence is more powerful. So, gamers can say goodbye to Guitar Hero and prepare the red carpet for the arrival Rocksmith.

  Rocksmith is video game made ​​by Ubisoft who are still under development. Video trailers of this game dont show description of his gameplay, but give clues about the controller is quite surprising to be used. Rocksmith Players will use the controller in the first track that much different from Guitar Hero controller, using a standard electric guitar. Party Ubisoft says in video is that the electric guitar (or semi-acoustic) anything can be used so that players dont just pretend to play guitar while playing the game, but actually playing a guitar.

  Contrast to another music video games, Rocksmith dont provide the skill set. Rocksmith gameplay difficulty will be adjusted to the ability of players, ranging from simple combinations of tone toward a more complex combination. Rocksmith will be released later this year for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. It seems this game is dont only interesting for gamers and musicians, but also for those who want to learn to play guitar through a fun method.

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