April 30, 2011

P1 : Electric Motor Racing Minimalist

  Another electrical motor racing show. This time from a Canadian manufacturer, Amarok Consultants, made ​​a light-bodied electric racing motorcycle named P1. The presence of this motor is started from a creative design training that turned into a real project. This minimalist-bodied electric motor has a 75 horsepower and a maximum speed of up to 200 kilometers per hour. P1 bike plan will be submitted to the TTXGP (Time Trial Xtreme Grand Prix). TTXGP is a racing event which only include vehicles with no carbon-based fuels.

  The designers of Amarok Consultants claim that P1 electric motor racing is not designed to achieve mere popularity. However, through this bike they want to show that electric-powered vehicles in the world, less is more, the simpler the better. Therefore, they used a minimalist design, set aside the expensive materials, and achieve maximum speed through the technology of the most simple, inexpensive, and lightweight body weight on the motor P1. They managed to insert the battery-powered 7.5 kilowatt electric engine and two Agni 95 to the motor P1 lean body that only weighs 148 pounds. This weight makes it into the motor racing world's lightest electric.

Twitter is not permitted in Westminster Abbey

  For those who can directly attend the wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton is a great honor. However, what can make a grand event in 2011 was even more special again for the audience? One word is enough to answer that question, "Tweet"! Can send a tweet about the implementation of this marriage, celebrity guests coming, or just showing off his fortune as one of the guests can enhance the joy that is felt. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do.

  A technology that blocks cell phone signals will be installed at the venue for weddings, Westminster Abbey. This step taken by the members of the royal family to reduce the circulation of images and videos not officially from the guests, a voice ringtone that divert attention, and the spread of information is not important or secret about the wedding. However, it does not mean news and information about this marriage will disappear altogether from the virtual world.

  From social media, online news, to mobile device applications will continue to deliver the latest updates about the wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton. However, what could make this event more entertaining for the audience at home? The comments of satire that can churn the stomach of a group of comedians, such as The chasers. Unfortunately, this was not possible. The chasers, a comedy group from Australia, originally planned to carry out their humorous comments during the conduct of marriages through the channel ABC2. Of course this is not approved by the royal family and eventually canceled.

For all of us who will only enjoy continuing this wedding through a screen television or the Internet, launched a satirical comment and send tweets totally prohibited. Enjoy!

iPhone 4 White Launched April 28, in 28 Countries

iPhone 4 white version will eventually come soon. Apple smartphones are wrapped in distinctive colors the company is finally ready for launch. Last night, Apple announced it would begin rolling iPhone4 white color on the market starting April 28, 2011. For the premiere, white iPhone 4 will only be presented in 28 countries: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Macau, Netherlands , New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Britain and the United States. Launching a white iPhone4 will soon follow in other countries. Unfortunately, there is no definite launch date information for these countries.

Long enough presence of iPhone 4 white eagerly awaited by Apple fans. Company based in the city of Cupertino, California, has been long used the white color on its flagship products, such as the Mac line of desktops and laptops, and iPod. It is time for Apple's smartphone seed wrapped with the same color. This color was actually used on the previous iPhone version. However, only the rear cover are covered with color. In contrast, white color on iPhone 4 will appear on the cover front and rear. iPhone 4 white still has the same specifications with the black version: Retina screen that produces high-resolution display in the text, images, and videos; feature FaceTime to make video calls, and a myriad of other applications available on the App Store.

Withings: Measuring Blood Pressure Using iOS Devices

  Apple's mobile operating system iOS always manages to present applications that are more than just entertain. Applications that help users in the world of education, entertainment, aviation, medicine continues until served. Neither the application that was designed by Withings to help users perform blood pressure measurement.

  Application called Withings Blood Pressure Monitor this requires additional accessories that resemble conventional blood pressure measuring device. These gauges are connected to the iOS device (either iPhone, iPod Touch, and IPAD). Then, the user is wrapped in the arms and follow the instructions that are exposed on the device display. Results of measurement of blood pressure and heart rate users will be displayed on the screen in seconds.

  Results of blood pressure measurement in applications Withings Blood Pressure Monitor can be uploaded into Google Health to open a broader analytical methods. In addition, through Google Health users can obtain guidance and health standards comparison based on WHO data. Through this application, users can easily monitor blood pressure daily. By doing so, this application also helps each user in control of food consumed. Applications and blood pressure gauges Withings sold for US$198.

iPhone Casing Ala 'Beam Carbon' Star Wars

  In the movie Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back there is one of the most legendary scenes in the world of George Lucas's creation. Han Solo, a character played by Harrison Ford, at the end of the movie frozen into carbon by the primary antagonist, Darth Vader. Matter carbon block with frozen Han Solo figure that appears on the surface continues to be remembered by the fans of Star Wars movie franchise. After over three decades, finally emerged casing smartphone which was inspired by the scene.

  iPhone accessories manufacturer, Society6, launched the iPhone casing which is inspired by a beam of carbon frozen Han Solo. Only, not a Han Solo figure that appears on this chassis, but the iconic Apple, Steve Jobs, who seen passing from the carbon freezing. Casing is available for the three versions of the iPhone: iPhone 4, 3GS, and 3G. The materials used are not made of carbon, but uses a hard plastic material.

  With a design that resembles one of the scenes of the legendary Star Wars, many people who think that the casing Society6 with the figure of Steve Jobs in a block of carbon potentially affected by the case of copyright infringement. Potential to become a legal problem or not, the casing is priced at U.S. $ 35 is still to be made a part of a unique collection of iPhone casing.

Applications Royal Wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton

  Welcoming the grand wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton, a variety of vendors launched the smartphone applications and tablets that reviews history to update to the most grand event this year. One of these applications from Antenna Audio, Inc.. named Royal Wedding. Applications for the iOS device is priced at U.S. $ 2.99 and reviews the history of the British royal family weddings since 1840, namely at the time of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert married. Of course, until the marriage of parents Prince William, Prince Albert and Lady Diana, in 2005 also reviewed in this application. From the pictures, photos, up to the accessories that are used at every wedding posted clearly in the application of the Royal Wedding.

  NBC News as one of the trusted news source in America also offers applications for those wanting to keep track of information about William and Kate's wedding. This application to review the latest updates about William and Kate's wedding, hundreds of photographs surrounding the British royal family, and genealogy of the royal family. This application is available for IOS-based devices and Android. Hello Magazine, a magazine that reviews about the life of celebrity and entertainment world, and The Sun, a daily tabloid newspaper in Britain, helped launch a similar application.

  Applications Royal Wedding 2011 from 2 for Couples is a digital magazine that reviews the latest details of the wedding Prince William and Kate, a map of London, the list of souvenirs of royal weddings, the ethical behavior of the royal family, and interesting facts of the bride and groom. This application is available for the iPad. However, for those who do not have the iPad, can enjoy this application on the Facebook page "Royal Wedding 2011".

  Implementation of the wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton to within a matter of hours. However, there is no harm if we beginstudy the the history of the royal family before marriage and interesting facts about the wedding which will take place later . Please try!

Social Vending: Pepsi Vending Machine with Social Function

  Vending machines are generally easier for users to buy a drink or snack without having to bother looking at the shelves of the supermarket or a long queue at the cashier. However, vending machines output PepsiCo offers more than just a beverage, snack, and convenience. Carbonated beverage manufacturer known for its tight competition with Coca-Cola is launching a vending machine that offers a social function. Social functions are no longer limited to social networking sites or applications on mobile devices only. In fact, vending machines also use this function. PepsiCo Vending call it Social.

  Social Vending allows users to buy drinks for his friends. Users can choose drinks that wish granted, enter the recipient information beverages, mobile phone number, and written messages will be sent along with a special code. Recipients can take a drink at the nearest Social Vending by entering a special code listed in the message.

  Mikel Durhan, Chief Innovation Officer of PepsiCo Foodservice, said that Pepsi tried to bring out the social experience of mobile device users. Through Social Vending, PepsiCo offers experience-oriented social activities beverage transactions. Social Vending claimed as the initial phase of PepsiCo's plan to bring social functions into their drinks machine provider. In the next phase, PepsiCo will integrate Facebook or other social media into the Social Vending.

April 28, 2011

Leica i9: Casing and Camera In One Accessories iPhone 4

  Increasing the quality of photos and videos produced by the camera smartphones, such as in iPhone4, already allows users in documenting every important event in his life. However, the most beautiful in the smartphone camera resolution, image quality and the resulting video can not compete with regular digital cameras, both SLR and compact camera. Users have to bother carrying two gadgets (smartphones and digital camera) to get the photos and videos of the maximum.

  Leica, a German camera manufacturer, offers a solution by combining the functions of the camera and case iPhone4 into a single accessory. Accessories i9 named this still a concept, but offers a fairly unique function. The front of the i9 is equipped with a CMOS image sensor and a Leica lens with 12.1 megapixel resolution. This lens has 8x optical zoom capability. Any photos and recorded video is stored on internal flash memory that can be enlarged by i9 additional SD card.

  The back i9 act as case iPhone4. Results generated photos and video can be viewed i9 iPhone4 back on the screen through the application of Leica. With the connectivity offered by iPhone4, users can instantly send you the photos and videos via e-mail, MMS, or social media (Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube). The concept of i9 to iPhone4 accessories will also be equipped with voice activated remote shutter function. This feature will allow users to take photos just by giving voice commands.

  Although eliminating the need for users to carry more than one gadget, it seems i9 add significant thickness on iPhone 4. This may be an issue for users who enjoy using the tight jeans. When using iPhone4, i9 forms create the impression that users make calls using a digital camera. Weird or not in shape, i9 is a concept that is very interesting iPhone 4 accessories. How do you think?

Samsung Vs. Apple (Part 2)

  Not long after Apple's prosecute Samsung on charges of patent infringement over the range of device designs Galaxy, Samsung launched its claim back to Apple with 10 allegations of patent infringement. Among the form of system power consumption savings when transaction data, 3G technology, and wireless data communications. The demand was filed on various cities, from South Korea, Japan, to Germany. Parties Samsung said that this step was taken to protect their intellectual property.

  The dispute between Apple and Samsung actually looks a bit strange, considering that during this Samsung has become one of the component suppliers for Apple devices. Components such as chip and LCD screen on the iPhone and iPad comes from the Korean manufacturer of electronic devices such. However, with increasing number of demands which landed on court, cooperation antarkeduanya become erratic.

  Beyond legal issues, Apple and Samsung competing on market of smartphones and tablets. Samsung and its Galaxy line of devices adopt Android operating system that continues to be a major threat to Apple. Moreover, Android is starting to master the market and force Apple's mobile operating system, iOS, satisfied lagging behind. However, whether Apple can win this one legal feud?

'Lenovo' Prepare Super Slim Notebook

  The signs of the emergence of Lenovo ThinkPad X1 already beginning to show. Some foreign websites have started to discuss the presence of super-thin notebook from Lenovo that. Like what about the specifications of the ThinkPad X1?

  Lenovo ThinkPad X1 will be equipped with super-thin design. This notebook is rumored to be having a thickness of only 5.21 mm only.

  Lenovo explain that they will apply new technologies for batteries 'ThinkPad X1'. Future, a complete battery ThinkPad X1 will not be directly replaced by the user. Such systems can also be found on Dell Adamo and MacBook Air. The battery will also be equipped with technology RapidCharge. This technology promises to speed the higher charge, up to 2.5X faster than the previous series ThinkPad battery. Lenovo also promises a high battery life. This new battery can make the notebook 3x longer life than a notebook setipe.

  Lenovo ThinkPad X1 will be armed with an Intel Core i5-2520M with a clock speed of 2.5GHz, 160GB SSD, 13.3-inch screen with Gorilla Glass technology that can support resolutions up to 1366 × 768, 8GB RAM, and card reader SDXC.

  Not clear when the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 will launch. However, many predict that notebooks will be priced at about US$2900.

'Torture Animals' Game, Present on Android

  Cruelty on the world of gaming is no longer something new. The various characters that show it clearly would develop into selling value and uniqueness of a game. So what makes the majority of gamers can tolerate atrocities like this? The answer may be due to the impression presented fictitious. We certainly will see the cruelty of the fictional story as something that is memorable entertaining than hurt. But not with a game built for Android.

  How many games that glorify violence against animals? If you answered Angry Birds one of them, I'm sure none of gamers who feel the visualization that were presented too brutal or cruel. If anyone who started this trend, it was the one who deserves Dog Wars scapegoats. Taking a real setting based on events that often occur on real world, Dog Wars featuring the fight between the dog a sadist. You can train your dog even tortured him with electric shocks to produce a tough dog. Its main purpose? Certainly beats the other dogs on the arena of battle.

  Game developed by 'Kage Games' is certainly getting the attention of the activist animal lover. They called for a boycott of this game because of the element of violence extremely inhumane. Moreover, real world settings that they present to make violence against animals is seen as something "unusual" happens. Kage Games themselves defended himself by stating that this game will actually produce a positive impact. In addition to providing educational benefits, every sale of this game will be set aside for efforts to rescue their pets.

  Well, I myself do not agree with the theme of games like this. We're not talking about Pokemon or Angry birds that are born from the world of fiction, we're talking about a dog that reportedly is the best friend of man. For those who really love their pets, it's like a game that asks children their fight with another child in the cruel arena. Hyperbolic? That's what it felt quite a lot of animal-loving community.

Symantec Symposium 2011 : 5 Malware Progress Factor

  Symantec as a provider of security solutions, storage, and management systems for consumer and enterprise Internet security threat report published. With the growing number of Internet users and mobile devices, the type and number of threats that attack the users of increasingly varied. In 2010, Symantec managed to find 10 million malware signatures, 286 million unique malware variants, and 3.1 billion worldwide malware attacks. The development of these security threats include the five main factors, as follows:

1. Targeted Attacks

  The threat presented by malware is no longer aimed at the company, but also to individuals with the hope to obtain sensitive information. One major concern of malware that Symantec is Stuxnet showing increasing sophistication of malware that are available in the world of technology. This malware can trick the system checks the signature authentication program. When a user opens an infected program or file, automatically malware works and has the potential to damage the company's IT infrastructure. How its spread can be done via the USB slot. Other simple Malware also have a significant impact. Last year found 260 thousand data exposed by malware attacks and the average cost to be incurred by the company to resolve this problem amounting to USD 7.2 million.

2. Social Networking

  It's hard to find people who are not connected with at least one social media. Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, the land now used as identity theft. The data and stolen identities are used to trick other users and send the URL link that had been infected with malware.

3. Hide and Seek

  The relationship between malware and security software like hide and seek game. Malware, like rootkits, operates by changing the standard functions of a system or application, so it can move from one program to another in a single device without being detected. Symantec found more than 50% of computers infected with malware such as this comes from the United States.

4. Attack Kits

  Equipment that helps the process of hacking and the creation of malware is now sold freely on the market. Handbooks for the hacker can easily be found in bookstores. With the release of a tool like this, not surprisingly, the number of threats to the security of Internet usage and Java, as the format most widely used program, remains a major target for malware.

5. Mobile Threats

  Increasing the types and advanced features offered by mobile devices has led to an internet connection to the user's grip. Compact size and ease of use makes the mobile device, such as smartphones and tablets, as the main option users to explore the virtual world. Email, social media, and working documents are now available in a single device that can easily carry anywhere. With sensitive data stored on it, the mobile device becomes the target of malware. In 2009 found 115 malware that attack mobile devices and in the following year there was an increase of 42%, to 163 malware.

Preview : BlackBerry Playbook

  If you are truly BlackBerry user you must have heard about the Playbook. News of the tablets made ​​by BlackBerry is widely heard on the internet. Until now, this device officially sold only in two countries. This afternoon we got a tablet device that invites many questions among users of Blackberry smartphones this. Yup, BlackBerry Playbook already landed in the office of Loserba Review.

  We get this Blackberry Playbook loan from a friend (whose name is not to be given once the device is still new.) BlackBerry Playbook non warranty is (because it has not officially launched in Indonesia) lent to our review in Loserba Review.

  'BlackBerry Playbook' that came up where we have storage capacity of 64GB. Blackberry Playbook with 64GB capacity this is the Playbook series with the largest capacity. Inside the Playbook BlackBerry sales package, with a black box made ​​of thick cardboard, you will get a manual book with a variety of languages​​, cleaning the screen, charger, USB data cable and Blackberry Playbook itself. It features soft fabric with a black slave. Can not wait to find out how well this 'BlackBerry Playbook'? wait for our next review.

April 27, 2011

Best applications (Cydia) for iPad

  Jailbreak allows you to install various applets to enhance the performance of your Apple iPad. We sorted Cydia application most useful for the iPad.



  Activator allows you to program the various movements and buttons to activate applications or functions. You can make the home button and volume buttons to be multifunctional. You also can enable swipe with two, three, or four fingers.


  Apple iPad 2 has a mirroring function, which displays the entire display iPad to external display like a TV. For users iPad 1, the feature is only possible with applications such as DisplayOut.



  While you will be able to watch YouTube using iPad, but the resolution is limited. You can not watch YouTube videos in HD resolution. You also can not save YouTube videos to watch at a later time. All this is possible with MxTube.



  Apple is limiting access to files on the devices are. iFile allows you to access all the folders and files on the iPad. You can even access the hidden files and files on a USB Drive that is connected with the iPad.



  With Infiniboard, you can add as many applications into a single page. If you have many applications, this tweak can really help make the Home more organized look.



  iPad and the iPhone can now make an application in a folder, but its function is still limited. You can only enter the 12 applications in one folder. InfiniFolders remove this restriction so that you can load as many applications in the folder iPad.

with Retinapad


  Many applications such as Facebook and Instagram are not yet available for the iPad. If run on the iPad, the application will have a very poor resolution, only 480 × 320 pixels. In fact, many applications that are compatible with a resolution of 960 × 640 pixels on the retina display. RetinaPad force iPad to display the iPhone application at the highest resolution, making it more comfortable on the eyes.


  SBSettings has many tweaks to maximize the performance of the iPad.


  TVOut2 has the same function as DsiplayOut. The difference, TVOut2 offered free of charge.

Wi-Fi Sync

  Maybe you often experience dilemmas want to sync iPad tablet when it was in-chargeThe problem, to be able to sync means you have to disconnect the cable from thecharger and connect it towith computer . Not anymore. Wi-Fi Sync allows you to syncvia Wi-Fi connectivity.

Theme Winterboard.


  Your iPad already functioning perfectly? The only tweak that remains is to modify the display. Winterboard allows you to do it with hundreds of themes that are compatible.

Acer Aspire One Happy with New Color

  Stay prioritize color as a charm, Acer Aspire One Happy now comes with new colors that are not less interesting than before. In the new color series, Acer Aspire One Happy to give a touch of a water drop so that makes this notebook look more fresh. Acer Aspire One Happy will be offered with variety Blueberry Shake ,Banana Cream ,Papaya Milk ,and Strawberry Yogurt . We also feel the nuances of Easter Egg in this notebook since its launch not far from the celebration of Easter.

  Future in the Acer Aspire One Happy will be installed Intel Atom N570 processor dual-core processors with speed of 1.66GHz with 2 GB of DDR3 memory as a source of strength. Use of this netbook screen size still using the 10.1 "so that the size and dimensions are no different from before. The size of the hard disk is also quite good because it gives a size of 250 GB. Another completeness is 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth, and Windows 7 Starter. To ensure the release of these products, the Acer pledged to throw their products in the  future.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Specifications Revealed!

  Specifications tablets made ​​by Lenovo revealed. Different with 'stereotype of a business' inherent in the brand, this tablet does not adopt the operating system Windows 7, but Android 3.0 Honeycomb. However, additional keyboard accessories are offered to facilitate the use of these tablets in the editing of work documents. Accessories this one will benefit and look similar with the ASUS Eee tablet Transformer Pad.

  Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet is equipped with capacitive screen size 10.1 "and IPS display resolution of 1280 x 800. With additional accessories in the form of a stylus, this tablet is ideal used to draw sketches or write important notes in the meeting. The tablet is equipped with slot USB 2.0, Micro USB, Mini HDMI port, and SD card slot. Lenovo tablet complement this with two cameras on the front and back of the tablet. Three options were offered loads of memory, 16, 32, or 64GB. With 3G and 4G connectivity is available, this tablet can outperform other Honeycomb-based tablets on the market.

  Equipped with enterprise software Cisco, Symantec, McAfee, Computrace, and other security applications, the use of Lenovo ThinkPad tablet is targeted for business people. The tablet is expected to be launched in June 2011 and priced at US$ 499.

April 24, 2011

Future Battery Concepts

  Batteries are rarely receive attention. However, one thing is very important for a gadget or your smartphone. What happens, when you suddenly do not exist in an area known then your battery is going out? What happens, if you do not bring a charger or no outlet at all? Can be ascertained slowly, you will see the device runs out of battery death.

  Based on experience, Hairno Bao, Hailong Piao, Yuancheng Liu, and Xiameng alternati Hu started designing some new batteries. They make a product with exactly the same form with AAA and AA batteries. The difference is, they design a battery that has a USB port on the side!

  Can you charge the battery via the USB port. You can use this product as a normal battery layakanya. You also can fill your gadgets energy, through an available USB port. This concept is quite interesting, but how much power can be supplied from a battery the size of these?

  While this is indeed a lot to offer battery backup that comes with a USB port. However, with the two functions above and predicted prices would not be too high, making it suitable for battery product you buy. After entry into Indonesia, of course.

First Screenshots 'Mass Effect 3'

  Bioware is currently reaching heyday. Games that were born out of their hands always managed to achieve remarkable success. Their ability to bring the RPG concept is more focused on role-playing by offering more free options to sell an incredible value. Look at what they present through a series Dragon Age and Mass Effect. They are the main reason behind the rise of western RPGs.

  Mass Effect that focused on the exploration of Captain Shepard to collect political and military power in the continuity of the human race is indeed interesting. Strong RPG elements combined with thefeel of of the exciting Third Person Shooter makes this game appear much different than the others . Mass Effect is now entering the third series, the end of the trilogy that made ​​gamers love. Game is scheduled to be released in late 2011, it did look stunning.

  Through two new screenshots released by Bioware exclusive to GameInformer enough to give some idea of the quality presented. Stunning graphics engine that looks directly into the main feature is visible. This screenshot itself shows the struggle against the forces Cerberus Shepard who had become allies in the second series. Unfortunately there has been no sighting of the earth setting that reportedly will be a major armed conflicts terrain in this game. War seen in the picture above happening in the world Salarian.

  Looking at the environment and character designs that look so amazing, my curiosity immediately appear. It did not seem eager to play one of the best RPG games ever get into my game this catalog. Hopefully there is no reason to delay its release classic.

God of War 4

  Kratos, the demigod of cruel bald remarkable is likely to be present again rocked the world of Playstation 3. After the success of God of War franchise on the market, fictional character from Greek mythology it was a "merchandise" Sony that sells. Look at how the presence of God of War 3 helps Sony to increase the level of sales of the Playstation 3 is almost always subject to the competitors. Now turn to God of War 4 September 2012 is ready to shake the future.

  Information that will make gamers scream of delight itself was first released by Playstation Magazine. The magazine claimed that they managed to pry these secrets from one of the team that is developing the game. If this is true, then it means one of SCE Santa Monica who leaked it. Hopefully at E3 event in June, there is little certainty whether this information is just a rumor or fact.

  Only one thing is enough to make me confused about the information on this God of War 4, the plot which would be presented later. For those of you who never played a GOW 3 will understand. Kratos himself had to achieve the goals he wanted, to kill Zeus. During the trip he had to take all that he met the Greek gods (except Aprhodite), destroy the monster they made​​, eliminate the Titans, and make the world fall under conditions that do not vary with the apocalypse. Then plot like what else would be presented? If you want to discuss the prequel of God War 1, PSP game has done it.

  The gamer would really hope there is more information about this news. Few objections and confirmation will be much better than the rumors that do not get any response. But from my heart of hearts, we all want this. Hail Kratos!

April 22, 2011

Gameplay Trailer 'Battlefield 3'

  Who is not familiar with Battlefield? FPS game that was born from Electronic Arts is still yet to beat a big name Call of Duty, Halo, or Crysis though. But there is no doubt that this game has a pretty strong fan base. The system is far more addictive game and interactive, especially for multiplayer mode, makes this game so unpopular. But is it enough to break the domination of other FPS games?

  EA as the publisher himself had boasted that the latest Battlefield, Battlefield 3, will be a giant next FPS that is not going unchallenged. Moreover, they are ready to ad funds poured up to U.S. $ 100 million to make the switch FPS fans of Call of Duty. Will they succeed? At first I was the most pessimistic. How could you expect a FPS game with a theme of modern armed conflicts will displace the phenomenal Modern Warfare 2? Apparently EA does not mess with her.

  A 12-minute gameplay trailer presented to show a little glimpse of Battlefield 3. Wow! I almost can not say anything because this game really look amazing in the trailer. We're talking about a game that will maximize the use of DirX 11 in the whole game. A game that might not be able to be played by all the PC though. If it is EA consign this game only for PC, but not impossible Battlefield 3 will be a mecca of the new game graphic quality after the first generation of Crysis.

  What makes it even more amazing? If you look closely, all the wonders of gameplay in this trailer, including physics are presented, still in the process of pre-alpha development. What does it mean? That game is a new entry in the early development stage. Have not even entered beta stage! Only God knows what this game will be like when completed later. I just hope Crysis 2 will not be repeated blunders.

  There is no certainty of release date or platforms which would be a place of reference of this game (except the PC of course), but Battlefield 3 is already bound to emerge as a quality game. Seeing his gameplay videos, I've felt not wait to play it. Amazing! I can not say anything more. Are you looking forward too?

Honeycomb Performance is doubtful

  Latest tablet made ​​by Motorola, Xoom, is expected to deliver a tight competition for the king tablet, Apple iPad2. Moreover, Motorola Xoom is the first tablet is equipped with Honeycomb 3.0 Android operating system. However, it is unfortunate tablet manages to present the experience is not consistent with the expectations of users.

  Behind the design is beautiful, long-lasting battery power, as well as a charming hardware specifications, some users expressed some concerns regarding body weight Motorola Xoom. Not to mention the high prices are set by Motorola for this beloved tablet. However, not only that which makes Xoom iPad2 unsuccessful rival. The main problems are on the operating system used.

  Honeycomb is the Android operating system designed specifically for the tablet. The first device using the operating system is the Motorola Xoom. Many found some weaknesses in their use, such as operating system and application performance in it are unstable. This adversely affects the sales of Motorola Xoom who only managed to reach 100 thousand units sold since its launch in early February.

  Weaknesses Android 3.0 operating system led to the decision from some producers to mengundur launch their Honeycomb-based tablet. ASUS is rumored to be launching mengundur Transformer Pad tablet Eee 16GB version until later this month and the 32GB version will follow in the next month. HTC also delay the release tablets Flyer.

  It is expected that with the resignation date of this release, tablet-based next Honeycomb will be presenting a more perfect performance. However, can the ranks of Honeycomb-based tablets to beat iPad 2, such as Android beat the IOS on the smartphone market?

Apple Support Communities: Sharing Information with Apple Users Worldwide

  Apple Inc. launch new ways for their customers to share opinions, information, and complaints about Apple products. Apple Support Communities is an open discussion forum for users of Apple products are more and more in number, especially since the emergence of the iPhone and iPad. Users only need to write any questions or concerns to be conveyed in this forum. When the answer is already available, Apple will send notification to users via email.

  One of the biggest weaknesses from forum discussion was the question posed is not necessarily getting the right response. In other words, questions that are written by users not necessarily be answered with relevant information from other users. Apple Inc. trying to answer this problem by creating a scoring system on the Apple Support Communities. Each user will be given a score according to the relevance of the information shared in the forum. This system can provide guidance for other users on the credibility of an information scattered in the forum.

  Just as the discussion forum in general, Apple Support Communities allows its users to interact with each other without restriction sites. Sharing information on Apple products, like iTunes synchronization process is sometimes confusing or IPAD applications, can be performed by users from around the world.

Apple Vs. Samsung

  Apple Inc. has revolutionized the form and functions of smartphone with iPhone first launched in 2007. In that year, Steve Jobs introduced to the world a smartphone that has left the need for hardware buttons. The screen size of 3.5 "and only one home button on the front, making the iconic smartphone designs. Not to mention the user interface is simple, as well as eye-catching.

  Apple Inc. said the typical design of iPhone has been copied by manufacturers of electronic devices from South Korea, Samsung, through its Galaxy line of smartphones. In terms of hardware design to the Galaxy software is very similar to the iPhone. For example, Samsung Galaxy S is equipped with a screen 4 ", the home button, and two other buttons on the front. Although it has a larger screen size and has two more buttons, grooves on the side of the smartphone that one is very similar to the grooves on iPhone. Icons of applications and user interfaces that are served the same features.

  Similarities between the iPhone and the Galaxy line of smartphones is not taken lightly by the Apple Inc. They demanded the Samsung with the alleged breach of patent and trademark rights. The demand was filed Friday in District Court of Northern California. Apple Inc. said that the Samsung device design similarity, to the application icon and penjualanya box, the iPhone is not a coincidence. Responding to these demands, the Samsung says it will deal with it in accordance with applicable legal procedures to protect their intellectual property. Apart from the Galaxy line of smartphones, Apple Inc. also requires Samsung to design their tablets, Galaxy Tab.