April 22, 2011

Gameplay Trailer 'Battlefield 3'


  Who is not familiar with Battlefield? FPS game that was born from Electronic Arts is still yet to beat a big name Call of Duty, Halo, or Crysis though. But there is no doubt that this game has a pretty strong fan base. The system is far more addictive game and interactive, especially for multiplayer mode, makes this game so unpopular. But is it enough to break the domination of other FPS games?

  EA as the publisher himself had boasted that the latest Battlefield, Battlefield 3, will be a giant next FPS that is not going unchallenged. Moreover, they are ready to ad funds poured up to U.S. $ 100 million to make the switch FPS fans of Call of Duty. Will they succeed? At first I was the most pessimistic. How could you expect a FPS game with a theme of modern armed conflicts will displace the phenomenal Modern Warfare 2? Apparently EA does not mess with her.

  A 12-minute gameplay trailer presented to show a little glimpse of Battlefield 3. Wow! I almost can not say anything because this game really look amazing in the trailer. We're talking about a game that will maximize the use of DirX 11 in the whole game. A game that might not be able to be played by all the PC though. If it is EA consign this game only for PC, but not impossible Battlefield 3 will be a mecca of the new game graphic quality after the first generation of Crysis.

  What makes it even more amazing? If you look closely, all the wonders of gameplay in this trailer, including physics are presented, still in the process of pre-alpha development. What does it mean? That game is a new entry in the early development stage. Have not even entered beta stage! Only God knows what this game will be like when completed later. I just hope Crysis 2 will not be repeated blunders.

  There is no certainty of release date or platforms which would be a place of reference of this game (except the PC of course), but Battlefield 3 is already bound to emerge as a quality game. Seeing his gameplay videos, I've felt not wait to play it. Amazing! I can not say anything more. Are you looking forward too?

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