April 28, 2011

Samsung Vs. Apple (Part 2)

  Not long after Apple's prosecute Samsung on charges of patent infringement over the range of device designs Galaxy, Samsung launched its claim back to Apple with 10 allegations of patent infringement. Among the form of system power consumption savings when transaction data, 3G technology, and wireless data communications. The demand was filed on various cities, from South Korea, Japan, to Germany. Parties Samsung said that this step was taken to protect their intellectual property.

  The dispute between Apple and Samsung actually looks a bit strange, considering that during this Samsung has become one of the component suppliers for Apple devices. Components such as chip and LCD screen on the iPhone and iPad comes from the Korean manufacturer of electronic devices such. However, with increasing number of demands which landed on court, cooperation antarkeduanya become erratic.

  Beyond legal issues, Apple and Samsung competing on market of smartphones and tablets. Samsung and its Galaxy line of devices adopt Android operating system that continues to be a major threat to Apple. Moreover, Android is starting to master the market and force Apple's mobile operating system, iOS, satisfied lagging behind. However, whether Apple can win this one legal feud?

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