April 18, 2011

Gmail Motion: Jokes Or Real Features in the Future?

  To enliven the celebration of April Fool's ago, Google has posted several videos jokes. In the video, Google seemed to advertise their various new features that was not there. One of them is Gmail Motion, writing and sending e-mail by using body movements. This feature uses computer camera to capture every movement of the user's body and a piece of software will transform it into words or commands. While I was watching the video, I was reminded of Kinect.

  Microsoft has long been invited the researchers to hijack Kinect device . This they do to show the full potential of the motion control devices. Team of researchers from the USC Institute for Creative Technologies had previously been made ​​Kinect as controllers 'World of Warcraft'. Now they are changing the joke Gmail Motion into reality. To do this, the researchers created a software called 'Flexible Action and Articulated Toolkit' (FAAST).

  In contrast with videos from Google that shows the use of computer camera to read a user's movement, the research team using the Kinect device capabilities. They also tried posting a video demonstration of its use. Because the video demonstration is less clear, I was own doubts. However, imagine if this feature can really be applied. All employees in the office would stand in front of his computer and started dancing just to send an email. Boring situation and lack of exercise will not be encountered again at the workplace.

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