April 15, 2011

'Fast Reboot' : Accelerate Your Android


  Android users often feel annoyed because the device that has suddenly become slow. But, this does not happen because your Android device is damaged. This must happen in all operating systems.

  Android feels faster at first, might be slow because the many programs running in the background. Certainly you can easily finish up with task manager applications built on your Android device. However, not all Android devices have the task manager application. Although there, the Android system is already 'super heavy' because many applications that run in the background will create a task manager built-in feel very hard to follow.

  There is an application that can solve it all. This application is called Fast Reboot. Not as the name suggests, this application does not reboot your Android, but only to stop all applications running in the background, with single tap. With the cessation of all applications in the background, Android will get back to speed, much like it had been on-reboot.

  This application is freeware and you can download and install from the Android Market. Unfortunately, there are 'some Android devices' which not be unresponsive because this application. However, not hurt you to try this application to accelerate the performance of your Android device, without having to reboot.

URL: http://loserba.blogspot.com/2011/04/application-android-fast-reboot.html

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