April 14, 2011

Unboxing Intel SSD 320 and 510 Series

  On this day, we returned the arrival of an interesting hardware from Intel Corporation. If you think we caught some processors, you are wrong. This time we had two new Solid State Drive from Intel, the Intel 320 Series and Intel 510 Series.

Intel SSD 320 Series

  It is a appearance of Intel SSD 320 Series. Its capacity is 300 GB. Great size for an SSD. We also have not opened the seal. Invisible how the original form? Look at the picture below.

  Looks blurry? Of course. We will soon provide a better picture when we test these SSDs. This is Intel's latest SSD is still using the SATA II interface. What about performance? Does similar with the previous generation? We'll turning later when we test this SSD.

Intel SSD 510 Series

  We also get a "thing" this one. This is the first SSD from Intel that uses 'interfaces SATA 6 Gbps', Intel 510 Series. Performance "was supposed to be" faster than the Intel 320 Series. For capacity, we get a sample size of 250 GB.

  When we open the packaging box, there are various additional accessories here. What's in it? Just wait for 'SSD' when we reviewed this one.

  SSD is also still "fresh" because the seal was not opened. SSD is still wrapped neatly in place. So what about performance? For this one you have to wait first. We'll review it as soon as possible both for your SSD.

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