April 15, 2011

Oracle targeting Storage Market


  Originally, more commonly known as the Oracle database software company. However, Oracle wants to change the assumption that after they decided to acquire Sun Microsystems (Sun). Oracle wants better known as company a focuses on hardware and software! Sun is known as a company offering computer hardware, such as servers and storage.

  To prove the seriousness of Oracle in the market of hardware, today announced the launch of their second generation of Sun's ZFS Storage Appliances. Sun ZFS Storage Appliances is a series of unified storage solutions a are developed by Sun.

  Today, the world of storage is currently facing some problems. One of them is size of unstructured data. According to Oracle, in this world there are 80% of unstructured data. In addition, 80% of the data was never used after 90 days. With the use of Sun's ZFS Storage Appliances, Oracle ensures that problem can be solved.

  Sun ZFS Storage Appliances are using unified architecture. It means, in 'an system' a company can use various technologies, such as the Flash Storage, 'Performance Disk', Capacity Disk and Tape Storage.

  To test the toughness of Sun's ZFS Storage Appliances, Oracle asking for an institution to test it. The agency called the Edison Group. From the results of testing they do, ZFS Storage Appliance can provide speeds up to 36% in administrative, provision speeds up to 36%, and the speed monitor and troubleshoot up to 31%, if compared to another product.

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