April 09, 2011

Front camera's iPhone 4, Taking Random Photos

  Not long ago, came the news about the poor quality of video recording cameras iPad 2. Now, another Apple product that camera problems, namely the iPhone 4. One feature that is proud of Steve Jobs in this smartphone is the presence of a front camera which facilitates the ability to make video calls over a Wi-fi. Unfortunately, many users have complained about the performance of this camera. Not because it failed to make a video call, but because this camera takes pictures at random and without orders from the user.

  Some users express this complaint through the Apple discussion forums. When they use FaceTime applications to make video calls, all of a sudden the iPhone 4 displaying old photographs which have never deliberately taken by the user. Both users who have used previous FaceTime and users for the first time using a feature, front camera iPhone 4 will still take a photo at random. According to one user in the forum, this problem is not resolved by using the latest version of IOS.

  IPhone camera problems front 4 must be resolved by Apple before they become legal problems, in connection with violations of user privacy. They also do not confirm and give a response to this issue. Apparently, users of the iPhone 4 must be careful in using the phones, because no one knows what will be recorded by the camera.

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