April 28, 2011

'Torture Animals' Game, Present on Android


  Cruelty on the world of gaming is no longer something new. The various characters that show it clearly would develop into selling value and uniqueness of a game. So what makes the majority of gamers can tolerate atrocities like this? The answer may be due to the impression presented fictitious. We certainly will see the cruelty of the fictional story as something that is memorable entertaining than hurt. But not with a game built for Android.

  How many games that glorify violence against animals? If you answered Angry Birds one of them, I'm sure none of gamers who feel the visualization that were presented too brutal or cruel. If anyone who started this trend, it was the one who deserves Dog Wars scapegoats. Taking a real setting based on events that often occur on real world, Dog Wars featuring the fight between the dog a sadist. You can train your dog even tortured him with electric shocks to produce a tough dog. Its main purpose? Certainly beats the other dogs on the arena of battle.

  Game developed by 'Kage Games' is certainly getting the attention of the activist animal lover. They called for a boycott of this game because of the element of violence extremely inhumane. Moreover, real world settings that they present to make violence against animals is seen as something "unusual" happens. Kage Games themselves defended himself by stating that this game will actually produce a positive impact. In addition to providing educational benefits, every sale of this game will be set aside for efforts to rescue their pets.

  Well, I myself do not agree with the theme of games like this. We're not talking about Pokemon or Angry birds that are born from the world of fiction, we're talking about a dog that reportedly is the best friend of man. For those who really love their pets, it's like a game that asks children their fight with another child in the cruel arena. Hyperbolic? That's what it felt quite a lot of animal-loving community.

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