April 20, 2011

Sony Stop Production 'PSP Go'


  Sony initially thought that the transfer PSP video game market into digital format through the PSP Go is a good idea. In fact it does not get a warm welcome from gamers. The loss of the ability to play games with UMD disc was seen as a negative value. In addition, extra-slim body design with a slider mechanism only attracts a variety of questions about the convenience of the user. As a result, sales of portable gaming device this one is too far from the word "selling well".

  The latest news that appears on the existence of PSP Go quite apprehensive. Sony officially stopped production of the portable gaming device this one. The distributors will no longer get additional stock of PSP Go. Indeed, sales of the PSP Go early release in October 2009 was not impressive at all. Only managed to sell less than 20 thousand units in its own homeland, Japan, in 2010 was enough to show the failure of this product. The decline in prices that do are not much help, however, did not rule out the possibility that this step taken by Sony to welcome the latest generation of their portable gaming device, NGP. NGP scheduled to be released in November.

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