April 16, 2011

SupaBoy: Portable SNES Console Game

  Do you still save the tapes SNES game? Do you want to play those games to fill idle time in transit? Now you can be happy because the manufacturer of gaming accessories, Hyperkin, announced SupaBoy. SupaBoy is a portable console designed specifically to play your SNES games. Legendary game tapes is not a pile of plastic-coated dust in your cabinets again.

  SupaBoy comes with LCD screen size of 3.5 "and weighs about 318 grams. Battery power capable of providing more than five hours of power to play. SupaBoy also comes with connector A / V stereo outputs, so users can play games with display of images on television. In addition, the portable console will also support multiplayer play style. Hyperkin SNES controller provides two connectors on the body SupaBoy.

  SupaBoy planned to be released in mid this year, but only to play the SNES version of the United States cassette. While the release date SupaBoy PAL version has not been determined. Portable console is perfect for gamers who want to reminisce with the ranks of video game SNES. What about you? Are portable console SupaBoy interests you to play SNES games again?

URL: http://loserba.blogspot.com/2011/04/supaboy-portable-snes-console-game.html

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