April 13, 2011

'The book autobiography' Officially 'Steve Jobs' Will Rise in 2012

  Who does not know Steve Jobs? Inventor and CEO Apple.Inc has graced the world of technology with innovative products that changed the lifestyle of many people. This giant IT company has brought thousands of songs into the pockets of users and encourage the use of tablets to replace the laptop in search of entertainment and work. Apple.Inc success has been visible for years, but what about the figure of Steve Jobs's life? Life figure behind the success and the face that represents IT companies worth U.S. $ 300 billion is certainly interesting to follow.

  Companies 'book publishers' famous based in the city of New York, Simon & Schuster, announced a plan to issue the first official autobiography book Steve Jobs, iSteve: The Book of Jobs. This book will tell the life of Steve Jobs, from his childhood until his life in Silicon Valley today. The author of the book, Walter Isaacson, interviewing family members, colleagues in Apple.Inc, until competitors Steve Jobs. The plan of this book will be published early 2012.

  Earlier, it has been widely circulated autobiographical book about Steve Jobs, but none was officially approved by the CEO Apple.Inc. One of the books that had become controversial is the icon: Steve Jobs. The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business. Which discontinued sales of Apple's official stores. The reason, nonresmi autobiographical book is too much to show the bad side of life Steve Jobs whose truth is still questionable.

  Through the book "iSteve: The Book of Jobs", the Simon & Schuster hopes to provide real and vivid picture of life on this one iconic figure. Moreover, the author of the book, Walter Isaacson, has recorded a brilliant achievement through autobiographical book Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin. Jonathan Karp of Simon & Schuster claimed that this book will be a milestone in the history of writing about one of the greatest innovators in the world. Surely this is a book that worth the wait.

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