April 13, 2011

Jurassic Park 'Return' Via Video Game

  Longing 'movie fans' will malignancy 'T-Rex sound' and "barking" typical Velociraptor would seem relieved. Except this time would not appear again in widescreen format from the cold hand of a senior director Steven Spielberg. Jurassic Park will be present as an interactive game that he promised would be able to bring the experience that is not much different. Adrenaline and tension the same? Maybe you have to decide.

  Jurassic Park : Lost World is the latest creation from Telltale Games, a developer of games which is quite popular with the work platform game. So, what will be done by these developers to revive the franchise that had long been buried? I myself would prefer an open-world concept that would better reflect the film itself. However, Telltale seems to be selling something far different. If you are a big fan of Heavy Rain, you now have the opportunity to try out the gameplay that seems similar. The difference? You fight the dinosaurs. That's it.

  From the first gameplay demo shown by the gaming site GameSpot, look how Jurassic Park Lost World was present as a novel interactive game you will ever know through games like Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, the demo shown was not shown the final version. You'll still find the characters that appear suddenly or graphics are rudimentary. There is no certainty when this game came out, but the plan will be released per episode. The first episode? You will see the end of the year.

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