April 20, 2011

Ovi Maps 3D: Ready for battle with Google Maps


  Every product from Google succeeded occupy the peak of success. Search engine, mobile operating system, up to feature Google Maps. The presence of Google Maps can be enjoyed by users in the web version as well as on various mobile devices. Nokia is one of the manufacturers of mobile devices that deliver Google's rival service, Ovi Maps. To add strength in competing with Google, Nokia announced the presence of 3D models on the web version of Ovi Maps.

  Appearance 3D Maps on Ovi available today is still in Beta version. However, this feature provides a different experience for users of Ovi Maps in exploring various places. 3D Models Ovi Maps presents a realistic picture of the major cities and allows users to explore maps from various viewpoints. Ovi Maps offers a view from above up to point of view of the street that allows 360-degree panoramic vision.

  Until now, 3D Maps Ovi Beta version only shows 20 metropolitan areas and five cities with a street perspective, which is Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, Oslo, and San Francisco. However, the amount of data will continue to grow over time. Does the presence of 3D models can change the Ovi Maps rival commensurate with Google Maps? How do you think?

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