April 30, 2011

Applications Royal Wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton

  Welcoming the grand wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton, a variety of vendors launched the smartphone applications and tablets that reviews history to update to the most grand event this year. One of these applications from Antenna Audio, Inc.. named Royal Wedding. Applications for the iOS device is priced at U.S. $ 2.99 and reviews the history of the British royal family weddings since 1840, namely at the time of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert married. Of course, until the marriage of parents Prince William, Prince Albert and Lady Diana, in 2005 also reviewed in this application. From the pictures, photos, up to the accessories that are used at every wedding posted clearly in the application of the Royal Wedding.

  NBC News as one of the trusted news source in America also offers applications for those wanting to keep track of information about William and Kate's wedding. This application to review the latest updates about William and Kate's wedding, hundreds of photographs surrounding the British royal family, and genealogy of the royal family. This application is available for IOS-based devices and Android. Hello Magazine, a magazine that reviews about the life of celebrity and entertainment world, and The Sun, a daily tabloid newspaper in Britain, helped launch a similar application.

  Applications Royal Wedding 2011 from 2 for Couples is a digital magazine that reviews the latest details of the wedding Prince William and Kate, a map of London, the list of souvenirs of royal weddings, the ethical behavior of the royal family, and interesting facts of the bride and groom. This application is available for the iPad. However, for those who do not have the iPad, can enjoy this application on the Facebook page "Royal Wedding 2011".

  Implementation of the wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton to within a matter of hours. However, there is no harm if we beginstudy the the history of the royal family before marriage and interesting facts about the wedding which will take place later . Please try!

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