April 12, 2011

Nokia E6: Smartphone "Anna" with Touch Screen and QWERTY Keypad

  Following the success of a business smartphone E71 and E72, Nokia launched E6. This latest business Smartphone to adapt some features that made ​​its predecessor a success both in the market. Stainless steel material was cemented structure design of the Nokia E6, compact body design and convenient to use with two or one hand, its QWERTY keypad is responsive and comfortable to do typing, and its battery life is great! Nokia claims that the E6 battery can last up to a period of 1 month standby and 14 hours of talk time.

  Nokia E6 along with the new X7 launched by Nokia, are the two first smartphone that uses the latest Symbian operating system with the code name "Anna". This proves Nokia's commitment to continue their life of the Symbian operating system after reaching an agreement to use the Windows operating system Phone 7.

  Nokia to include some development of technology into the design of E6. Users no longer need to struggle with the D-Pad when navigating menus on the homepage and this smartphone. E6 comes with 'touch screen' size of 2:46 inches and 640 × 480 resolution that presents up to five pages front and a charming picture quality. In terms of photography, Nokia did not forget to include 8-megapixel resolution camera sensor into Nokia E6.

  Nokia E6 targeted to attract loyal users of the Nokia smartphone, Blackberry, and other business smartphone. What is "Anna" to abolish the presumption that the Symbian operating system boring and old-fashioned? Can E6 in the world rival the success of the Blackberry smartphone business? We have to wait and see its development.

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