April 24, 2011

First Screenshots 'Mass Effect 3'


  Bioware is currently reaching heyday. Games that were born out of their hands always managed to achieve remarkable success. Their ability to bring the RPG concept is more focused on role-playing by offering more free options to sell an incredible value. Look at what they present through a series Dragon Age and Mass Effect. They are the main reason behind the rise of western RPGs.

  Mass Effect that focused on the exploration of Captain Shepard to collect political and military power in the continuity of the human race is indeed interesting. Strong RPG elements combined with thefeel of of the exciting Third Person Shooter makes this game appear much different than the others . Mass Effect is now entering the third series, the end of the trilogy that made ​​gamers love. Game is scheduled to be released in late 2011, it did look stunning.

  Through two new screenshots released by Bioware exclusive to GameInformer enough to give some idea of the quality presented. Stunning graphics engine that looks directly into the main feature is visible. This screenshot itself shows the struggle against the forces Cerberus Shepard who had become allies in the second series. Unfortunately there has been no sighting of the earth setting that reportedly will be a major armed conflicts terrain in this game. War seen in the picture above happening in the world Salarian.

  Looking at the environment and character designs that look so amazing, my curiosity immediately appear. It did not seem eager to play one of the best RPG games ever get into my game this catalog. Hopefully there is no reason to delay its release classic.

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