April 12, 2011

Logitech Zaggmate: Casing iPad2 with Hidden Keyboard

  Comfort using computers keyboard can not be matched by a virtual keyboard tablet PC, especially when typing long documents. Virtual keyboard also takes some of the display screen. This is quite annoying because the user can not see the document in full. However, purchasing an additional keyboard to the tablet can be cumbersome especially if the users have to carry around when traveling. ZAGG launches Logitech and a casing for an additional keyboard iPad2 who hide in it.

  Cooperate with ZAGG, screen protector manufacturers multiple devices, Logitech introduced a combination of casing and keyboard iPad2 called Logitech Zaggmate. The keyboard in this case is connected to iPad2 by using a Bluetooth connection. When used, the tablet can be set up with a model iPad2 portrait or landscape that resembles a laptop user position. The battery is rechargeable keyboard via a USB cable.

  Logitech Zaggmate casing made ​​of aluminum and is claimed to provide protection of the military class. This casing provides protection along the sides and rear of the screen or iPad2, depending on what parts are hidden behind the aluminum casing of this. If you do not want to use the keyboard, users only need to enter iPad2 with the screen facing up. Products that combine the function of the casing, keyboard, and stand iPad2 is priced at U.S. $ 99.99.

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