April 18, 2011

Bracer of Battery Life +2: Universal Charger in Your Wrist

  If you spend most of your time outside the house, doing a lot of waiting, or a frequent traveler, portable entertainment device can be your best friend in the face of boredom. Music players, multimedia content, to deliver portable game console entertainment experiences that were previously only can we enjoy at the house. Unfortunately, the weakness of the portable device is battery resistance. Getting more features and higher quality presented of these devices, get low resistance of the batteries. portable charger tool to increase the battery power on the way into the most appropriate accessories in the face of these constraints.

'Bracer of Battery Life +2' is a tool of universal portable charger that can be used for the iPhone, Nokia phones, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS (DSi and DS Lite), smartphones and multimedia player with a mini USB slot. What is special about this charger is a form and how to use. Users do not need to wait for battery charging is complete or add weight portable device during use. Users only need to wear a device charger is like a bracelet, so that any device that you carry the device can still be used comfortably while charging the battery lasts. Additionally, 'Bracer Battery Life +2' claimed to act as safety strap, thereby reducing the possibility of a portable device you fall or lose.

Bracer of Battery Life +2 has rechargeable battery (via USB) Lithium ion battery capacity 1.500mAh and 5.5 V. Tools charger weighing 82 grams has 4 LED lights as indicators remaining battery power. Price of Bracer of Battery Life +2 US$ 34.99.

URL: http://loserba.blogspot.com/2011/04/bracer-of-battery-life-2-universal.html

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