April 15, 2011

Review Sony Cybershot TX10


  More, more, and more. Looks like Sony's guidelines when designing all the newest cameras. For example, 'Sony Cybershot TX10', this camera replaces 'Cybershot TX5' and experiencing a lot of developing.

Overview of development TX10: 

  • More sharply: Precisely, 60% more detail. TX10 equipped 'R Exmor CMOS sensor 2.16 megapixels back-illuminated', compared to 10 megapixels in the TX5. Not only has high resolution, this sensor is also very reliable in low light conditions. High resolution images can then be displayed on the touchscreen 3-inch 921,000 dot resolution, 3x more sharply than the TX5.
  • More HD: Sony TX10 now can record Full HD video (1080i) and stereo sound, compared to only TX5 which can record 720p video and mono sound. Videos can be easily displayed on HD television via an HDMI port available on the TX10.
  • More 3D: 3D Panorama Sweep allows shooting three-dimensional images easily for display on a television screen in three dimensions. More fun again, are also available from Multi-Angle Sweep 3D. This feature allows TX10 take three-dimensional images and displays them directly on the camera screen, without the need for other accessories.
  • More powerful: TX10-resistant submerged up to 5 meters, falling from 1.5 meters, and freeze until-10C. This increase is quite significant compared TX5.
  • Faster: TX10 can shoot up to 10 frames per second at full resolution, 16 megapixel. Frame rate is not only faster than the TX5, but even more quickly than most DSLRs.
  • More stunning: With features such as multishot blur reduction, backlight correction (via HDR), and low light photography, TX10 can produce a much more interesting photo.

Physical Quality
  Just like TX5, Sony TX10 is superslim camera with a very slim shape and the lens does not protrude. Activate the camera simply by opening the next slide, which will open the lens, flash, AF-assist lamp, and a stereo mic. Almost all parts of the camera, including the slide this cover, made ​​of metal. The range of the zoom lens does not vary with TX10, giving a range from 25 mm to 100 mm, with a 4x zoom. This lens is equipped with vibration dampers.
  At the top of the camera, there are several buttons that are not less slender, the power button, shutter button, zoom lever, and the REC button. Video recording is now a separate button with the shutter button so that we can record video directly without going into movie mode. In addition, when we're recording a video, we also can take pictures with the shutter button.

This feature is very useful, but it was a bad influence on speed. When we want to record a movie and press REC button, the camera takes about 30 seconds to switch to movie mode and start recording. Several times we could lose the moment because of this long pause. In TX5, recording starts more quickly because the camera should be moved to movie mode manually.

  TX10 screen is one of the best screen we've ever tried. High resolution with large size. This screen is a capacitive touch screen type, different from the TX5 using resistive type touch screen. This means TX10 screen can be operated with only a light touch. Screen viewing angle is also excellent, with good brightness.

  However, capacitive type of screen it also has weaknesses. The touch screen of this type to work with static electricity from our fingertips, not with pressure. When dry, no complaints from us. However, when wet or when the camera screen used in the water, turned out to be less responsive screen. Conductor properties of water slightly disturbing the touch screen sensitivity.


  Terms "feature-rich" were often wasted by the marketing party manufacturers, but is not the case with the TX10. Sony claims that the TX10 solid features, but indeed they are. TX10 has so many features that are not owned another digital camera so the images you must be extraordinary.

  TX10 Panorama sweep is now better than TX5, equivalent to with performance of 'Cybershot TX7'. Merging images into one panoramic picture is more subtle and finish more quickly. As mentioned previously, TX10 also accommodate a variety of shooting three-dimensional sweep mode.

Without Background Defocus.

  Multi-shot feature, including new features on the Sony camera. When we press the shutter button, this feature takes two to six images in short time, the match position if there is a difference, then combine them into one image is better.

With Background Defocus.
  There are a variety of functions offered by multi-shot feature. One of the most interesting is the multishot background defocus which provides separations subject with the background just like using a DSLR. The performance of this feature so well that we were quite surprised. The result of the photo is really not like from a pocket camera. Other functions offered multishot feature is the backlight correction (via HDR) and low light photography. Multishot low light can produce low noise images at night without needing a tripod.


  R 16-megapixel Exmor sensor is used to produce highly detailed images with relatively low noise. Color, contrast, and brightness is also very good, even just using iAuto mode. Results TX10 also very good video. At full HD resolution, the video is very sharp with smooth frame rates.


  This year, the class of slim-underwater camera is getting crowded. Many consumers who like the type of camera is that many manufacturers are also being marketed type. With all the features and performance TX10, this camera is worthy entry in the ranking of the top three classes; a very good position. Physical quality premium and unique features that are useful, making a special camera TX10. There are still some shortcomings, such as video recording speed, or lack of features like GPS that has been owned by several competitors. However, the Sony Cyber​​-shot TX10 remains one of the best choices for tourists.

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