April 12, 2011

3D TV LG Comes With Technology "Free blinking"

  LG Electronics today updating several products in three lines of business, namely Home Entertainment, Home Appliances and Air Conditioner. One of the products that interest comes from the line Jagat Review Home Appliances. This time, LG launched the 3D Cinema TV, TV series that has been equipped with 3D technology. This launch event held today, Monday (11 / 4) at the Ritz-Carlton, Jakarta. 

  At the launch event today, explaining some of the advantages LG 3D Cinema TV than other similar products. For her TV, the LG includes a component called the film-type patterned Retarder (FPR) panel. The panel claimed to be able to present an image that is free ghosting (blur-free) and free of flicker (flicker free). It is claimed to improve comfort in 3D and also relieve dizziness while enjoying the 3D content. 

  3D Cinema LG TV has a wide angle of view, that is equal to 180 degrees. With a large angle, you can still enjoy 3D content, even when lying down. Review Jagat try directly technology is claimed by LG. Sure enough, when we tilt the 3D glasses to 180 degree, 3D view still present to the fullest. When we tried it on another brand of 3D TV, 3D view does not succeed to work optimally. We get a picture that is really dark and shaded. 

  LG incorporate 2D to 3D Conversion Technology in 3D Cinema this TV. You can change the look of 2D into 3D with 20 levels of depth. 

  Weapons to enjoy 3D content in 3D Cinema TV is also prepared semaksimalkan possible. Glasses that are included in sales package weighs only 16 grams, while the glasses are generally weighs 40 grams. These glasses can also work without using the battery. In addition, these glasses have no interaction with the TV. LG set up a special coating on the glasses. Rates are priced for the product is also cheap, around U.S. $ 10 - $ 30. 

  Comparison of conventional glasses and 3D Cinema TV 

  3D Cinema LG TVs will be sold with 3 options screen size, that is 32 inches, 42 inches, and 55 inches. Prices of these products (respectively) is $ 650, U.S. $ 1100, and U.S. $ 4,300.

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