April 20, 2011

HD Media Player, ASUS O!Play Gallery

  ASUS O!Play Gallery enables users to enjoy high definition entertainment on TV, with streaming function O!Direct exclusively from ASUS, equipped services and Internet-based content management. Design of multi-function O!Play Gallery facilitate easy iPhone and iPod connectivity, USB 3.0 support the latest interface and SATA 6Gb / s, and supports audio Dolby ® TrueHD 7.1-channel. A variety of these functions makes the ASUS O!Play Gallery as a home entertainment centeryang perfect for enjoying videos, photos, music, with full support for all popular media formats.

 Enjoy your Content on iPod and iPhone on Widescreen HDTV with an Intuitive Control

  Enjoy your multimedia entertainment in a way that is so easy! O!Play Gallery allows users to play various media content from the iPod and the iPhone to display Full HD on an HDTV, without requiring additional software. The remote control is intuitive O!Play Gallery is equipped with a wheel control that can be played, helping users to enjoy multimedia experiences easier and more enjoyable.

O!Direct - Practical Ways to Enjoying the Multimedia

  Direct O!function exclusively from ASUS allows streaming content from your PC to your TV quickly and reliably. Streaming is easy and practical way, either wired or wireless, to present a more diverse entertainment options, without the need to rely on USB storage devices with various limitations.

HD Content Can be Transferred to Faster

  O!Play Gallery to save hard disk 3.5" SATA connection 6GB / s fast, making it as well as large capacity storage devices. Users can transfer media content from PC to O!Play Gallery using USB 3.0, with a speed ten times higher than USB 2.0. This fast transfer speeds suitable for high definition content, so enjoy the entertainment experience becomes more comfortable. O!Play Gallery also features a calendar function MyLife who can arrange photos into photo albums in the form of a diary, and share with others easily.

Online Entertainment Services Support with Netflix, YouTube, and Gracenote

  O!Play Gallery was developed with the support of a complete online entertainment from the Netflix service (specifically U.S.), YouTube, thousands of online TV station and radio streaming, Flickr, Picasa, and many more. O!Play Gallery also features Gracenote * software interface that enables the media player into the audio library manager with access to an online database, Gracenote, giving users complete the metadata on music collections owned. Extensive metadata services such as album art, additional information, and even the genre can be displayed on the big screen.

Supports Full HD 1080p Video and Audio Dolby TrueHD 7.1-channel

  O!Play Gallery supports all popular media formats in HD quality, even including the ISO format. Audio projected in surround Dolby ® TrueHD 7.1-channel, which can easily be combined with your home theater that supports surround sound, and bring the best HiFi audio experience. Users will receive unsurpassed performance in every aspect of multimedia.

*To use the Gracenote service required hard drive 3.5" mounted on O!Play Gallery.

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